Oh boy, with how last weeks was super action packed this week was no different. Although it feels like it is now stepping away from its original feeling by being a more coming of age sort of story line into a shonen, time to continue to see how it holds up.

The Plot:

So, last time Claw was revealed as a super-secret evil organization of Espers. They happened to kidnap Mob’s brother. Mob is obviously going to go and save him. The group has the other kids, and well, words gets out that the bearded man from last time got beaten so another member of Claw is going to deal with Mob.mob-9-1

Teruki offers to help Mob, and well, before they know it they get attacked by the member of Claw. It cuts to the other members on how they believe Mob will be killed and tortured at that very moment. It is the opposite as the man is being tortured and reveals everything Mob needs to know.

The group of Claw meets, and well, all the members are at least named including the leader of the 7th Division. So this is only a fraction of the orginization.


But while they are having a meeting, Ritsu and the other kid espers are held captive. They do not want to reveal their powers and well, one of the kids is taken off to be killed.


Mob and Teruki show up and get into a fight that quickly ends thanks to Mob. I rather enjoyed Teruki’s line talking about Mob.

Back with Ritsu, they plan their escape. It turns out, since the kid that was killed was the telepathic brothers, he is alive. So they first make their goal to save him. Ritsu hides his powers to throw the guards off since all the other espers are fairly week. But that still does not stop Ritsu from easily beating them once hidden from view.

For starters, Dimple possess one of the guards before Mob and company go into the Claw headquarters. They are attacked by grunts. Well, since the higher-ups find out they are there the bearded man from last time decides to fight Mob.


Mob does not waste time, and does not hold back. The fight quickly ends. When Claw members hear of the bearded man’s defeat the rest decide to show them what they are really made of as the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

As I stated at the beginning, this show feels like it is making that slow transition from dealing with a sort of coming of age story to a shonen. There is nothing wrong with that. Personally I like how it progressed into one. Even the problems from the previous episodes lead to this. I am sure that after this arc it would go back to its old ways. But I am uncertain how much of the source it has covered. One Punch Man did not feel like it covered a lot, when in reality it was all the way up to the ongoing story arc. So who knows how long it may take for another season if there is one.

It certainly feels like the rest of the episodes will be battle related. I have not seen anything for the next episode, but from the preview it looks like the fights continue.

The episode I have to say was rather enjoyable, more so when it came to introducing the main characters. It also became very clear that Mob is very powerful, without losing control of his powers. Willing using his powers this week the fights ended rather quickly. The end of the episode I assumed it would have gone either way where Mob would utterly destroy the guy or it would start a fight that would conclude the next week. I assumed more so for the first since it was the person from last time. I am glad it did since it really said more about Mob.

This episode was jumping from battle to conversation to battle again. Certainly that was not a bother and the flow felt like it was right. It did not drag the fights for too long and was a nice way to wrap everything up. It certainly maintained its enjoyment even though it felt like that coming of age element was missing.


Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe