Personally I am not sure how I feel about this episode. Episode 21 was enjoyable. This episode, it certainly felt like something was missing. I do not know what, it was just odd. Perhaps it was how they introduced one of the main villains for this arc. Either way let’s get right into it.


The Plot:

So, episode 21 ended with a strange mist going through the town and pretty much knocking everyone out. This week it turns out this miasma might be causing the starting stages for Kegare Corruption and on a city-wide scale. Anyone, that being exorcists, seem to be less affected by this, but can still be.


At the same time Kegare are still able to cross into the real world. This is a problem. Beino and Rokuro quickly go to defeat them and tell Mayura to go tell the others, while they also go look for the source.

Back in Kyoto, 12 of the 11 Guardians meet. The problems with this “Dragon Spots” are getting more and more out of hand.


So, back at the dorm the group splits up. Sae decides to go with them. Mayura thinks it may be dangerous, but her dad argues it is probably the safest place to be with them since they are some of the strongest exorcists.

Then there is panic in the town. The people with enough spell power are running for their lives. A young couple gets nearly trapped. A jerk of a boyfriend pushing his lover into the kegare to save himself. Escaping he meets who is the main villain for this arc supposedly. She talks about Equivalent Exchange and then kills him after her little song and dance.


Anyway, Rokuro and Beino, meet up with Seigen and the others at the “Dragon Spots.” Seigen thinks Sae has some tie to it. But she does not sense anything clearly. Either way they need to deal with the Kegare in the area.

Before they can defeat all of them, the strange Basara from earlier defeats them all, also introduces herself as a Basara.

Anyway she leaves after showing some interest in Sae and the Twin Stars, then it is up to everyone to try to close the Dragon Spot. This is solved through Resonance.

But although they closed that one Dragon Spot, others, all over Japan may open. Rokuro and Beino know that only Resonance may close it, so it is up to them to travel to put an end to it.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode, like I said, felt weird. I think it was because of the villain. It was more than likely her. She is new and well, unlike the previous two main villains, who I enjoy, she does not have the same factor yet since not much is known about her. That is more than likely why.

I do like the direction they are going with this arc. The manga seems to always take place in the one town. It is nice to see that starting next episode they will be going to other places. It could really mix things up, and seeing new exorcists may be nice.

This episode intended to be a battle episode, but it really felt like it was more of a setting up episode than anything. More questions were certainly asked. The fights did not seem as important, despite how important they were in the episode. Perhaps that was why it felt weird.

This episode was alright, it is just maybe because of those two aspects that it made it feel different and not as enjoyable as I was expecting. It was still a good episode. But due to those factors it felt like not as much.


There were more Basara announced, and anime original ones at that, to date in the manga of the eleven, only 3 appeared. So they clearly have some room. But because of this I have a feeling this arc may be a lot longer than my original thoughts. It is still too soon to say, I mean we are only two episodes in.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe