How can I put this? Original anime arcs are always a time for the anime original characters to shine. Sometimes this can be for the better sometimes for the worse. There are also times when it just may be too soon to say as well.  Well, at least there are no power ups given to the main characters yet that will disappear once this arc is over. Anyway, more on this later.

The Plot:

Last episode really kicked off this anime original arc by introducing the problem and well, with how that ended and the title of this review, Rokuro and Beino go on a road trip to help close the other Dragon Spots.

The news is currently covering up the problem by saying it is influenza. The exorcists know the truth will soon be revealed, since is spreading like wildfire about monsters on the internet. This only prompts Beino and Rokuro to leave sooner. Well, Sae joins them too. Kinako also happens to possess an RV that Beino and Rokuro found in the garage of their places. So, the spirit is driving the car.

Anyway, onward to the first destination.


Right off the bat one of the guys there does not like Beino due to Yuto. I honestly could have sworn the Yuto thing was under wraps, but I guess not after two years. Beino does not let the guys anger towards her get to her. Having Rokuro know the truth is good enough for her. But the captain shows up and break up that little argument. Honestly she gets a lot of character development, but more on that in the end.

She also notices that Beino and Rokuro being the Twin Stars will one day have kids. She does a reading on them only to see that they already have one, to her shock. This obviously spoils something, but I am leaning this is more about Sae then the manga plot that happens after the time skip.

Later that night, Beino works on her talismans and Sae being the curious little girl asks what it is about. Beino tells her it is important and does not want to be bothered. Sae runs off to the captain and talks with her. Beino overhears and Sae talks a lot about the things Beino taught her, from the stories and how important the talismans are.


So the following day they go forth to put an end to the Dragon Spot in the area. Rokuro and Beino are part of the fight leaving Sae with Kinako. A talisman flies out of the RV and Sae realizing it is important for Beino goes to find her.


Meanwhile with Rokuro and Beino a strong Kagera shows up. Their attacks struggle to land. But it turns out it is a Basara. I will point out that the three in the manga that appeared all have male qualities while the anime original ones have female qualities. Also have no idea if these count to the 11 Basara that exist, at least in the manga.

Anyway, this Basara likes to feed off the soul energy of the people. Well, she prefers quality over quantity she discovered in this world. She seems pretty glad that the exorcists are riled up for a fight.

Beino then saves the guy, who the Basara went after first, that did not trust Beino. Beino only responds that she does not need a reason to save someone.

Anyway, the fight happens. Beino throws a kick and the Basara not only complements her legs and licks them, but notices that they have the scent of Kamui.

What is it with Basara liking legs? Here’s the picture from a few episodes ago with Kamui’s comment.

twin star 19 15

Back to the episode, the Basara rips up Beino’s talismens and they have no way to close the portal. But leave it to Sae-chan to show up and deliver one that Beino left behind. Beino was not pleased by the actions and yelled at her. But not wanting to waste Sae’s efforts they quickly close the portal.

Later that evening Beino apologizes to Sae, who simply smiles and offer’s Beino something to eat.


Overall Thoughts:

Let me just address that the animation quality is understandable for long running anime will be rocky at times. Twin Star Exorcists I have brought up that I only really notice poor animation when it comes to the character’s faces. This episode was full of these problems. Animation quality this episode was low. Thankfully this problem is only in the faces and luckily not in important fights, but in minor conversations and moments. Still poor animation is poor animation.

Alright, so for character development for the mom character. I am certainly mixed on how it was done. She got a lot of development in her scenes, a leader who wants to protect her followers, a mom, so on and so forth. Of course a lot of these brought up made me feel like she would die. Surprisingly she did not. I feel her not dying for character development for other characters, was weird. At the same time her living made it seem weird a character that only appears once getting a lot of character development weird.

However, regardless, I think the second one is better. Although she got a lot of character development, this episode felt like it was for Beino to look up to her in a bit. She handled dealing with Sae really well, and because of that moral support and setting an example for Beino, she was able to be more motherly to Sae. Personally I think that is the better reason for her character development, this was not realized by me until the end of the episode and surprised that she lived.

As for the Basaras. I do find it interesting how the manga ones are all male and anime original ones have been all female. It could certainly be interesting if these Basara do appear in the manga. I do not think all 12 Heavenly Commanders appeared in the manga, however they are all in the anime. So the creator has some idea on these characters. But who knows, maybe it is just convenient. I do like the new Basara compared to last weeks.

Not counting that animation issue, realizing the meaning behind the character development for the one character, it does make sense and make up for it and have may have a lot more impact on Beino for future episodes. The episode was still enjoyable regardless. It was not as rocky, but I certainly enjoyed this Basara compared to last weeks. I am just hoping they are not introducing a new one each week or this arc may be a lot longer than I thought it would be.

Overall Score: B-

Overall Enjoyment: 90

As always feel free to give your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe