Well, this episode was insane. There is only one more episode after this. Just as I thought this episode would have showed signs of slowing down as the series reaches its end they kick it up a notch one last time. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Last time the episode ended with the person who was believed to be the boss of Claw showing up. However, this episode ends a few moments before that figure walked through the door.

Reigen is getting a taxi ride trying to figure out where Mob went. Luckily Mob had his phone on him and Reigen can track him. Of course he has no idea why Mob is in the woods.


Mob and company however are locked into a room. For whatever reason they cannot use their psychic powers, which are being blocked somehow. But this does not stop Mob from being glad his brother is alright. After a brief flashback Mob knows Ritsu will figure a way out of that since Mob admires how smart he is.

Meanwhile the members of Claw are talking about what to do with Mob. They plan to brainwash them and use them their powers. Of course one member is not too thrilled and believes they should go to HQ to decide their fate. He is the one that defeated Ritsu to use him as bait for Mob.


Back to the star this episode finally, Reigen walks up to the building. The underlings of course are confused who he is. But since Reigen says he is there for his subordinate, aka Mob, the underlings mistranslated this into thinking it is the leader of this fraction of Claw.

So, they take Reigen around and really start looking up to him. They are a bit confused at some points. Reigen even tells them to let the other kids go.

Then Reigen makes it to Mob. Teruki is a little worried seeing that he now he believes that Reigen is Claw’s boss.


But as they start heading back, and the higher-ups of Claw show up and know Reigen is not the boss. They attack and well, the underlings are nearly killed. They still prefer Reigen as he tells them to run, hide, and go make their lives better by doing good.


But well, as Reigen goes to flee, he finds out that they are indeed other espers besides Mob. But this still does not really stop him, seeing he has nowhere to run to now, that he does not want Mob to fight. As his temporary guardian in this situation he decides to fight the espers, as peacefully as possible.

Unfortunately, this tactic does not last long as he is more used to winning arguments against adults. The people he is fighting may be adults, but their minds of that of kids too full of themselves. Thus he gets them angry instead.


The building starts to crumble and both sides decide to fight serious. Reigen wishes to run away and tells Mob not to fight. While both Teruki and Ritsu are telling him to since it is a life or death situation. Mob is uncertain what he should do even more now because of this.

Mob gets angry, and nearly reaches 100% with Murderous intent. But Reigen snaps him out of it stating the only one who will be hurt is Mob in the end.

A quick flashback to a few years’ prior a young Mob opens the door to Reigen’s office. He is worried he will hurt someone with his psychic powers. Since he knows Reigen has the ability to see Ghosts and Mob does too, he hoped that Reigen may be able to talk to him. Reigen says that everyone has special abilities and people are good at their own things. Of course this was what he said until he really discovered Mob had psychic powers. Which he quickly tells Mob that he will help him train his powers, since he can exorcise ghosts where he cannot.

Back to the present, Mob still snapping out of it is quickly thrown into shock as Reigen is cut down right in front of him. Even in the post credit scene Mob is in silence looking over his fallen Master.


Overall Thoughts:

Where to begin with this episode.

For starters I am glad Reigen had his time to shine. After episode three he really just faded to being a background character. But there was certainly a lot to say about him. Although he is technically a con artist and is using Mob to fight evil spirits for him, he is still a good man with good intentions. Sure I am sure there is probably some story behind why he is a con artist, but I doubt we will get it this season. Maybe in an OVA or if there is a second season.

Anyway, he is still a person that really cares for Mob and wishes the best for him. He may show fear and wish to run away, but it with good intention. He does not want Mob to fight knowing how much it will hurt him. He was even bothered that Claw was picking on middle schoolers he still is angry that they are causing harm to Mob. Despite how Reigen comes off as a con artist one thing is for certain he cares for Mob, his problems, and wishes to help him become a better person. He may be a con artist but even his clients he has helped them in some way. So, I guess despite his title, he truly is a good man.

This episode really gave that impression. His past appearances not so much. It really did not come clear until this episode. If he really was a bad con artist he would continue trying to get his client’s money. But he solves their issues, even if he lies. He really does not come off as a bad person in that sense too. This episode was just great for his character.

The episode might have ended in fighting, and certainly it made it clear on Mob’s situation. How uncertain he is, but how much he still wishes to help his friends. That internal conflict was a nice throw in to bring it back to the main character and set up the final episode. I just did not want it to end.

The ending though, certainly questions for what will happen in the final episode have appeared. After that flashback with Reigen and Mob I certainly wanted answers then and there. I am glad a next to last episode can do that. Certainly having moments like that early on or when they lead into nothing of importance can be annoying and take away from the more serious cliffhanger in a series. But this episode pulled off the cliffhanger nicely. Making even more attention drawn to the final episode.

This was certainly one of my favorite episodes and I am really excited to see how the final episode may top it.

Overall Score: A

Overall Enjoyment: Probably over 100 if it was possible

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe