The whole thing on the Job.

Well, by the title, it is probably obvious, also if you followed my twitter you probably known for the last few days. Either way I got a job, being a substitute teacher, sort of still in the hiring process, but I should be starting in the next week or so. Since I am on call and may not always get a call to teach it is not really a set schedule. Anyway I guess I am just starting this update saying that if there are a delay in reviews it was because I worked.  Reviews may just be a bit later in the day. More information, if it effects my blog posts, will be at a later date.

I mean times I like to upload are noon, 3:00 pm, or 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. So, if anything I will still aim for same day, but they will probably be out later than what I am used too

That is all I really have to say for that Job fact and how it will affect the posts here.

Honestly had no real plans for this update, and the whole Job thing just happened, but even then it does not feel like there was not much to say on it.


Oh yeah I been Live Streaming Video Games on Twitch.

Well, I try. I only been doing it for a week. But I have a limited window when I can. To not put much strain on our internet, I can only really stream when my brothers are at school. Since one is in college, Mondays and Wednesday he is in class for about 3 hours, and Tuesday and Thursday about an hour. So, since I am also using his headset, I can stream for about two to three hours depending. But since I am only limited to mornings on those days, if I have to do something or other reasons. I try to stream when I can. I post when I go live on my twitter, not the Reviewer’s Corner one. Most people probably follow my main over the Reviewer’s Corner one.

I typically play one game for an hour before switching and tweeting out again.

Games that I played so far is probably what it is going to be for a while, these are:

  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse (Will Play 2 on Stream)
    • Might start Replaying Story
  2. Stardew Valley
    • Will start playing with the new update on a new farm
  3. Rocket League
  4. MineCraft (Not as much as the others)
  5. Terraria
    • Might Start a New World


Games I think I might Play:

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia 3 (after I beat the second)
  • Team Fortress 2


Of course once the winter sale comes and if I am still streaming I will have other games. If I get a better headset or if my brother allows maybe in the afternoons, I could stream my brother and I playing Modded Minecraft. I also have other games, but those feel like they would be boring on stream.

Anyway, my Twitch channel is Joeplaysgamez. My average time where I start is 10 am Est.

I also only have done like 3 streams to now and really getting used to doing it and its concept. Now with a job well the times I can will be more random. But if I do feel free to stop by.

Posts This Month

  • Pre-Season and Final impressions will be out in the next few days.(I am still finishing and still waiting on simulcast announcements)
  • Top Five Love Live Sunshine Girls
  • “Bests” of the Summer Season

Reviews for this Month in order:

  • Natsume’s Book of Friends Season 1
  • Monster Musume Vol 2
  • Civil War
  • Mob Psycho 100

Since the show I am planning on reviewing weekly here at the time of posting this, has yet to be announced for streaming, I am just hoping it will by the time the show airs. Either way expects it delayed a week, or until I get that Crunchyroll subscription with my first paycheck , whichever comes first.

Twin Star Exorcists weekly reviews will continue and I am doing another, I am just waiting on the simucast announcement for it.


On a super random note I also started to submit my book to an agent. Since some people know I write and have been cheering my on I figured I would say that too.

Other that I believe that is everything.

My Twitter where I announce streams: @josefcd904, Reviewer’s Corner Twitter: , where I stream

See you November 1st for the next update.

– Joe