Well, after last weeks ending many questions were brought up, how could this fight end, will Reigen be alright, and so much more. Well time for answers and some prayers for a second season since it is time to get right into the final episode review.

The Plot:

Last week’s episode ended with Reigen falling after a sword hit his back. Mob is distress uncertain if he should run or fight continues to look over his fallen master.


Just as things seem there bleakest, Reigen stands up. He says it really felt like a plastic sword. He defeats a few of the members like nothing, hitting them and breaking through their attacks. His true power is shown as none of them seem to faze him.

When Mob was snapped out of it earlier his power was redirected into Reigen. Thus Mob could both run away and fight. It awakened new powers in Reigen giving him the strength to do so, although temporarily. Mob’s 100% was Gratitude towards Reigen, thus giving Reigen a power up to 1000%.

Anyway, Riegen continues his attack, sort of. He starts by breaking the delusions of the members. Mostly since he knows they cannot rule the world if they do not know anything about it and his people. He does not fight them with the psychic powers, since he knows he is running out of power, but pure words. This does not work on the Division Seven Claw Leader, who is apparently an old man and an angry one at that.

The kid from earlier defeats the old man. He is somewhat disappointed in Mob for not being as strong as he was. He was also there to inspect and dissolve that particular division of Claw.


Anyway, the ultimate evil spirit is unleashed from the jar. It is Dimple now powered up and disappointed that the climactic fight ended without him.


Thus the Mob squad returns to their daily lives.

Mob still has his crush, and is asked to find psychics for the newspaper club. Ritsu and the Student President go and apologize for their actions and how they framed the delinquents. Teruki goes to help train the members of the psychic group Teruki was a part of. Of course now Reigen can see spirits, but that is all he can do now that he shared Mob’s power. Everything goes back to normal.

Well, sort of normal. The member of Claw answers his phone. The boss of it all answers and simply tells him he is on his way home now.

Then there is a two-minute short drawn by the creator of the manga.

Overall Thoughts:

For starters, I do like that two-minute little things drawn by ONE. I also really want another season now.

Anyway, the second half of the episode I wish was not epilogue, but at the same time this arc did start on episode 6, so it had to end at some point. The ending did make sense and well although the fight was not as epic as the fight with Mob in episode 5, it certainly had a lot to say still on Mob’s full potential. His powers do not just affect him but the others around him. Although it was the literal sense of Reigen absorbing some of Mob’s powers. The ideals of both characters affect other characters.

I am trying to stay away from my full thoughts of the show due to wanting to do a series review at a later date. However, I do enjoy Mob Psycho more than One Punch Man. Mob is not a parody like ONE’s other work. It certainly has drama and some more meaning behind everything. The ending of the episode brought everything full circle and gave conclusion to what started in episode 6 with Ritsu.

Certainly more happened, and with a major Baddie heading out towards Mob and even Reigen’s powers starting to awaken, there is plenty of what could happen. It just comes down it if something will eventually happen. As a whole this episode closed off nicely this arc. As a series it certainly still gave hints of more to come. But for now, this was a good episode, even if the fight was not what I originally hoped.


Overall Score: A

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode.

But of course, time for fond memories of the past twelve episodes with every image I used in a slideshow.

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe