Well, all seasons come to an end, but another one takes its place. Although some shows may be ongoing, some have ended and so I dropped due to it. This is something that will always happen. It is understandable. So, time to talk about my thoughts on shows that ended.

I am still currently working on finishing both Re:Zero and Ace Attorney from the Spring Season.


What I finished:

Mob Psycho 100

So, those that follow this blog I reviewed this over the season with a series review in the works at the time this post is going up. I will say I did rather enjoy it. It was probably my favorite of the season and something I got to look forward to on a weekly basis. While some I would stop for a week or two, this was one of the few that remained a constant.

I will say if you are looking for a show with good action, story, and comedy, this is a good show. If you are turned away by the fact the source material is by the same person as One Punch Man, this show is nothing like that.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Recommendation: Watch it


This Art Club Has Problem

I did enjoy this show. I started on it late into the season, I think episode 5 aired. I also finished it well after it ended too. It was enjoyable and I did like how there were several parts of the episode with different stories, something not really common in anime. So if you wanted you could stop the episode and come back with a new story. Either way this is not something I would recommend. But it is very light-hearted, but again not on the level I would typically recommend for this type of anime. I could see myself forgetting about it easily. But it was a fun watch either way.

Enjoyment: 5/10

Recommendation: Up to You

Cole-chan was certainly adorable.


I was watching Aria at the time, and well, if you liked Aria then you will like Amanchu, and if you liked Amanchu you will like Aria. Both are by the same creator.

Anyway, this show was fun and I did not care that I fell 4 episodes behind.  The characters are the main focus on the show. If you thought you could go in and learn about diving or see people go diving, well, this is not the show for you. It is always and most importantly about the characters no matter what.

I really like the fact it does it. The show has more meaning to it that way. It is also just a nice relaxing anime, and when I found myself stressed out, it was a nice way to calm down.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Recommendation: Same thing what I said when I started this section. Either way watch it.


Sweetness and Lightning

Where to begin with this show. There are some things I liked about it and other things well I did not like so much. What I did not like was the student teacher relationship the show gave for most of the series that it could go down that route. But in the end, I am just glad it really gave a different feeling for a much better route. Either way I did like this show, although each episode had a similar set up. I think that was where one problem with the show was, there was a problem, they would cook, and the problem was solved. But despite my issues with it, much like Amanchu at the end of the day it was nice and relaxing to watch making it worth it in the end.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Recommendation: Sure, watch it if you want to


Love Live Sunshine

Going in I thought you would be fine to not see the original series. But wow, they referenced it a lot and well, I completely change my mind on that. It was not until the end when that turned around. This show was a lot stronger when they focused on their own path. Season two is probably going to happen and well, there are some things that the ending did not feel like it answered. The characters were fun and I enjoyed all of them a lot more than some Muse characters. Yuri undertones were not as much as undertones but real deal almost. Overall if you enjoyed Love Live, then you will like this. I certainly would recommend watching the original before this one, due to then knowing the emotional attachment of Muse to the characters on a better level. Either way this was probably my favorite of the season despite my many issues with it.

Enjoyment: 9/10

Recommendation: Watch the Original then this


New Game

Cute girls make cute games the anime. It may be a long title, but it is what it is.

The show was fun, and although I think I only fell behind on the show once, I really wish I did not the one time when I did. The show was fun and it was greatly benefited on the fact that I decided to wait a week to watch anime. Overall despite the show being fun, I still feel a little mixed. I wish it was a bit better. It in a way it may be average, but watching it I did not get that feeling at all.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Recommendation: Check it out



I honestly forgot this was part of the season.

I mean I did watch the show in two days since it came out all on day one. I even reviewed it.

My biggest problem with the show, which in some cases may be the only thing I remember about it years later and be annoyed by, is the fact it needs a second season. It ended with a lot of buildup and unfortunately it covered a lot of the manga.

The show is one that is meant to be binged watch.  It just worked great for the latter half watching in several episodes instead of watching it weekly.  The characters were enjoyable and the show had a good blend of drama and comedy, and using the setting to make the comedy and drama stand out more.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Recomendation: If you watch it, Binge Watch it


Working on Finishing


I am taking this slow. It is cute and funny. I do not always feel like I need to watch the episodes as they come. Since they are split into halves I can come back later on that too. It is rather nice. I joined this show later in and then stopped for like a month too. I have fun, so I don’t mind if I have another month to finish it.



Might Continue

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

Before posting this I did watch another episode. Although I am only one episode 3, due to the show taking a break only 6 episodes aired so far. So, I still have plenty of time to continue.


Other than that I dropped a lot of shows. There were some shows I wish I got to, but could not due to not finishing their previous season.

So, what shows from the summer season did you enjoy, hate, or whatever.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe