It really accorded to me that, well, the manga said there are 11 total Basara. I cannot remember if the anime brought this up. But, in the manga there has been three total Basara to appear. Two in the manga have yet to appear in the anime. Which means if the anime wants to be faithful, after this episode I think six have appeared, meaning if they do not include the two in the manga this arc only has room to introduce 3 more, unless of course the main villain is one, then two more. Anyway, I just wanted to say that. Either way this episode gave me hope that maybe this arc could end five or so episodes.

The Plot:

Two Basara, twins seemingly, are feeding on Kegare. Then Kuranashi, a possible bassara appear. He was mentioned in the last episode, I forget by who, but now we got a name to the face, and the one who is opening the Dragon Spots. He then tells the two Basara the Twin Stars are on their way to them.

Meanwhile, Rokuro is having a friendly game with Sae-chan of rock, paper, and scissors. Of course Beino then plays making Sae-chan cry. They then go easy on her and have fun, like as if they are a real family. But after going through a tunnel their fun ends when they wind up in Magano.

The young exorcists were ambushed almost immediately by the twin basara. They then break into a fight, which well does not go in their favor, at all. But the twin basara reveal they were once one and know each other’s moves without saying any word, unlike Beino and Rokuro.

So, the twin basara go to attack, but Sae-chan’s powers activate neglecting the attack.


Before they could attack Sae again, three twelve guardians show up and take everyone to the normal world, this was to weaken the basara.

But since the twin basara’s attacked Sae Rokuro and Beino are not pleased in the slightest. So, they ask the twelve guardians to stand down so they can fight.

The fight starts, and looks like the young exorcists will lose, but it is their show and they will not lose to the same enemy twice in one episode. So the counter attack begins and they win. However, Kuranashi appears and takes the fallen basara away so they may live to fight another day.

Back in Magano, Kuranashi goes Temple of Doom on one of the basara, in other words he ripped out his heart and then he absorbs his power.


Then the other twin comes over, seeing his fallen brother only to be told it was the Twin Stars’ doing. Enraged, Kuranashi gives more fuel to the fire by strengthen the other basara with the spell power he just absorbed.


The episode ends with first Sae saying she has no idea what that power was, but also she gets an odd feeling on the direction they should head next, which is Kyoto.


Overall Thoughts:

The ending of this episode, now with a face to the main villain, and a sort of answer about Sae, well it gave the feeling we are probably at the halfway point for this arc. Although they introduced a lot of Basara to date, most will probably live, maybe one or two will die by this arcs end. If they want to stay fully faithful to the manga. It also depends how they label the twin basara, are they considered one basara or two. They were once a single entity, but split into two.

Anyway, I have a feeling Kyoto will be the last stop. Next episode looks like it might be quasi filler, but I do not know. I will assume at the very least there are five or six episodes left in their arc. I do not see them beating all the basaras, yes the will probably fight, but that will be about it.

The manga is still ongoing so I will guess they are either going to give it an original ending or leave it open for another season.  It may have been confirmed for 50 episodes, but all weekly series start with a year in mind and then get more tacked on if it is doing well. I would not mind Twin Star getting more than 50 episodes. But this is a conversation for later.

As for the episode itself, I did enjoy it. The basara this week were a good counter to Beino and Rokuro. Both work together better then apart and having a foe that works even better than they do was a nice counter. The two still have a lot of room to grow not just in power but in their relationship.

But finally getting a lot of answers, even if it was a basara of the week, at least this fight had a lot of meaning setting up for later episodes, unlike others which could have been skipped.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe