Well, going in I honestly thought with that last post I covered about half of the shows I was going to watch this season. I think I was wrong. Since there are clearly a lot I did not cover and I wish I put at least two other shows into that last post. Either way let’s start. I will not be covering the shorts I am watching. Also all shows have sites that have the shows legally for free, any other details are extra.

Keijo and Occultic;Nine are my reviews, both first episode reviews are out.


Time Bokan 24

Time Bokan 24, I mean looking at it I expected it to be for the younger audience. I was not wrong in the slightest. I did however want to check it out for no reason. At the time of writing this I already saw the first two episodes. I mentioned in the Tiger Mask W post that that show and this one might be better to watch earlier in the morning. The first episode of Time Bokan I did this unintentionally, however the second episode I did it on purpose and I agree. It just works as a good anime to wake up to. I do not have to get into the plot or need to try to force myself to pay attention to details in case I miss something.

I will admit I will not be surprised if I drop this show. This could be for a number of reasons. I can however see myself holding onto this show to serve as a means to wake up on a Saturday morning. There is nothing wrong with that. If it can cure my boredom in the morning before I decide to play games, write, or wait for the shows that air later that day. Well it will have a purpose.

Time Bokan 24 is streamed by Crunchyroll.




Yuri on Ice

This was another show that I did not see myself watching at first, but I did. People seemed to enjoy it and well looking at it I was thinking that I would either be interested or bored out of my mind. Surprisingly I really liked it a lot more than I thought I would have. I do not know how to explain it, the first episode was fun, and although I did not expect to watch it or even think about watching it before the season began. I am and I like it.

Streamed by Crunchyroll


Girlish Number

I had a problem when it came to Chitose, the main girl, I really liked all the faces she made. So needless to say I created a folder and have over 40 images from just one episode. Could this be the best girl of the season? Anyway, the show was rather interesting. Since I am currently watching Shirobako I see what goes into making an anime. This first episode was more about seeing the voice that go into an anime. This show certainly could be interesting. But who knows.

Streamed by Crunchyroll, and Viewster (day of) on Wednesdays 5 days behind airdate.


Sound Euphonium Season 2 & Bungo Stray Dogs S2

I decided to cover both at the same time. Both are the second seasons, and the only ones in this posts that are second seasons. I do have other shows, which I am watching the earlier seasons of, that I still hope to get to while they are airing. Both of these shows had an interesting way to start off. While Euphonium I will admit I was a little bored with the 50-minute episode it was nice to get that for its season premier. For Bungo Stray Dogs, it was an interesting change be telling a backstory or whatever they are going for with a story set a few years before the first season to start off. Both I look forward to where they could go in this new half.

Streamed by Crunchyroll


 Brave Witches

This actually takes place between season 1 and season 2 of Strike Witches. Now I am still a little upset that it is not a third season. It is nice to see a different take on the story, setting, and new characters. I do like the few Easter eggs in the first episode that make reference to the original series. I watched that last year and finished in just a few days, although I was only able to do the first season review. I do hope this show can live up to its predecessor and do some things that its predecessor did not.

Streamed by Crunchyroll


Lostorage incited WIXOSS

Now, I own the first series. If I own it, it pretty much means I really like it. Now this one, for starters judging by the OP, it is set after the original series, since a character from that series appears in the OP. Either way it was a nice twist to the series. If I had to guess this takes place at least a year or two after the original. It also does not show a sign, in the first episode, that well it is more memory and not with a person’s wish. I liked it, and cannot wait for later.

Streamed by Crunchyroll


March comes in like a Lion

I will not understand the game they are playing, but I don’t understand how you play WIXOSS, so as long as everything else is interesting, hopefully this show will be too. The first episode did not really suck me into it. I will give it a few episodes since it is 22 episodes long. But I will probably know more by the second.

Streamed by Crunchyroll and Daisuki


Matoi the Sacred Slayer

It was alright. Also with the fact it is only on one site, well, and not any of the ones I frequent, I will give it another episode at most. But nothing too amazing and nothing to hold me back. I mean it was an introductory episode, but even then most I can get a sense if I will like it or not. This show certainly has me mixed and I would like to think there is something about it that I would like. But for now I have not seen it in the episode.

Streamed by View(dot)Yahoo. This is the only place, and it is Hulu’s free version.


Touken Ranbu:Hanamaru

I cannot wait for the Ufotable anime of this series next year. That will probably be a lot more action packed. This one, also a mobile game, reminds me a lot like Kancolle, only with sword boys instead of ship girls. Either way I do hope to complete this anime, even if the first episode did not fully get me into it.

Streamed by Daisuki and Crunchyroll.


Kiss Him, Not Me

I do plan on watching this, but instead of delaying this post more well, I will add my thoughts on this episode later. If I do ultimately watch it despite still planning onto.

Streamed by Crunchyroll.


It was good. By the same person who makes Hellsing, and I enjyoed Ultimate, despite never finishing it. Well I have hope for this series. First episode was certainly set up, but it has the interesting concept of historical figures fighting in another world. Instead of a random guy doing it.

Streamed by Crunchyroll.


Here are some pics from the shorts I watched.

I believe that covers almost everything. I mean I left out the shorts. But well, until next month this is it for my seasonal impressions.

Feel free to comment what you are watching this season.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe