So, I am now making it a goal to have all these reviews with Butt in the title. So get used to that. Other than that let’s keep this intro short and be glad I did not get 44 images like last time. This may have some images that are quasi-NSFW (by my standards), so keep that in mind.


The Plot:

Lots of training. A sport that involves only the use of the breasts and butt seem to be more than just what you are born with. Plenty of training and studying is involved. This comes from constant core training or the study of Asstronomy and Boobology. I am honestly not making that up that is what they called it in the show. Anyway the girls of Room 309 are working hard, despite seeing the Elite class already working on Land.


But after plenty of training, well it is time for a test. The goal is to only use your butt to hit a ball back and forth. The first day is practice with your team. Well, it does not go well for the girls, they bump into one another, and mostly fall on Aoba.

That night they try to figure out what they did wrong. They knew the wind was in their way, but also they needed to form a tactic. Sayaka believes this is a test to help communication. Although Keijo is a solo sport, off field plenty of Keijo players talk on new ways how to deal with the land.


The next day it is up again. This time with the glorious delicious prize of gelato. I am so jealous since it appeared twice in this episode. Sorry, it has been awhile since I had some.


Anyway Sayaka is the one taking the role of leader, well it does not go well in the practice run before. However, Nozomi believes Aoba knows where the ball will land before it does. Thus they want to appoint her leader. But she does not want too, mostly since she is shy.

But as the test goes on, Nozomi is able to read Aoba, through the direction of her pony tail and where it goes. They break the record, and thanks to Nozomi tricking Aoba into speaking, they are able to do.  Thus they can eat ice cream, and Aoba says she only did not speak because she was embarrassed by her accent.

The girls are then able to take part in a Land trial. They will be paired up 4 against 1 taking on a teacher. The teacher in question is Siren, a former queen of Keijo and the start of the early days. Although she might have lost her figure, she clearly did not lose the skills. Nozomi does an ultimate attack, which Siren dodges, but it avertedly destroyed the cloths of her friends. The episode ends with Nozomi being put in a strange suit.

Overall Thoughts:

It certainly was enjoyable. At first I thought it would not be, due to the idea of it being a training like episode. But it did mix in some of the earlier stuff in the manga they skipped in the previous episode, they just dressed it as their school work.

Either way this show, despite how it looks, seems to have some sense into actually making this about sports. The training is just the first step. I assume the next two will also have some forms of training before actual Keijo battles start.

Either way it was nice seeing the characters interact and getting to know more on the core characters, although some still appear that we know little about.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 95

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe