Alright, well, the title pretty much answers what happens this episode. So, this will be a short one to say the least. So, let’s just get right into it.

The Plot:

In episode 26 it ended with Sae believing they should go to Kyoto. Although the young exorcists are heading in that direction, Beino texts Mayura on how things are going.


Now the star of this episode, Mayura is healing one of her classmates that got in the miasma back a few episodes. But she is doing more than healing people, she helps take down the Kegare in the area too.


Mayura certainly feels like she is holding people back and feels like she is not as strong as she would like to be. But as she walks in the dorm with these thoughts, well she walks into the bathroom with Shimon there. He was one of the Twelve Guardians, and first appeared back in episode 5. He too gets a main role this episode and well, he is also embarrassed of Mayura walking in on him.

Then Mayura’s dad shows up. Well, he talks to Shimon one on one. Seigen talks how his seat of the twelve guardians has been empty for two years now, (hints of canon replacement). Anyway, Shimon learns that although Mayura is Seigen’s daughter she does not have much talent even if she is a fast learner.twin-star-exorcists-ep-27-pic-6

So, Shimon then trains Mayura. He remembers what Seigen did to train him and unknowingly or knowingly acts the same way towards Mayura. This is pretty much half of the episode.

Anyway a Dragon Spot appears in the town near them. Mayura bolts in finding out one of her friends that appeared at the start of the episode lives in the area. Of course she runs into a nearly Basara level Kegera. Shimon saves her, defeats the Kegare, and closes the portal. Mayura says why she wanted to get stronger to her dad and Shimon flashbacks to saying the same thing.

In the post credits, Beino and Rokuro get a call saying they need to bring Sae to Kyoto, since Arima might know more about her.


Overall Thoughts

Honestly this really gave a filler feeling and I did find myself bored in this episode. However, the conversation with Seigen and Shimon I really enjoyed. Since it is revealed who replaces him in the manga basically day one after the time skip. So, because of this one may assume that this arc takes place before where the manga continues after the time skip.

Also, it is probably obvious with this episode who that probably is. I did enjoy the fact you could see Mayura wanting to get stronger, and showing the similarities with Shimon.

Other than that moment, this episode was alright. Certainly it was nice to give Mayura love and recognition since she is a major player after the time skip. But other than that this did feel like filler. They could have gone straight to Kyoto. But at the same time it was a nice break giving other characters’ time, and actually grow in terms of being a character.


Overall Score: B-

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe