Each season for well over a year now on Twitter I always seem to point out the “Best (insert title here) of the Season.” Last season I was thinking of maybe doing this as part of the final impressions post. Oddly enough I forgot to do a final impressions post. I was also thinking of adding it in general to the final impressions posts. I decided against this since it would make those posts too long since there are a lot of titles that I do it for. So, here are what I think are the best of the summer season.

For starters I am only doing shows that started in the Summer, it does not count if the show aired and is ongoing. It also does not matter, unlike other posts I do, that I completed or dropped or still am watching the show. As long as I saw enough episodes to decide something is a “Best” from it, it is on here.

These are all my opinions so feel free to comment your own, even for other categories I may not have done.

I put Best Dude and Best Girl as the most important, so they are at the end. Here is everything else in no particular order.


Best Opening Theme: Mob Psycho 100

Honestly it was better this and New Game’s opening theme. Both are very enjoyable, but I just like Mob’s more. New Games might be fun and cheery with all the generic girl jumping in an all-female cast show, seriously a lot do that.

Anyway, Mob’s I just like. The rhythm and visually it is rather entertaining. Even after so many episodes I have not picked everything up that happens. Somethings hint at future events in the show, but without those events it does not become as clear. As for the rhythm, I like how it blends in just counting to 100 with everything else. I honestly forget that most of the song is in English. It just works so well either way.mob 7 11


Best Dad: Kohei Inuzuka (Sweetness and Lightning)

For those that may remember my Top Five Anime dads post, I had a little trouble with it. I will admit Kohei is certainly an enjoyable father figure and maybe the only one, for shows that I saw this season. Still, I rather like his character.

I will admit I do not like how the show could go down the student teacher relationship route, but that final episode gave me some reassurance that will probably not be a thing, with Kotori’s mom showing up.

The show revolves around him, he is a single father, due to his wife’s passing. Raising his daughter, he wants to do his best, and well, cooking does not come easy, but he tries. There is a clear change for him as the show goes on, and I do like the fact that he does not really have any clue on how to raise a kid on his own. I mean he does to some extent, but it is clear it is a learning process.  He is a good father figure, maybe not the best, but he is trying to be his best. The show revolving around him makes you glad that not all anime protagonists are in high school, despite the fact he is a high school teacher. Either way the show is enjoyable and the fact that he is the main character, is a rather change of pace for the dad in an anime.

Saddly, and surprisingly, no Best Mom.

Best Older Brother: Mob (Mob Psycho 100)

I think it really was episode 11 that made me really admire Mob as the older brother figure. I mean it is clear he cares for his brother before that. But the meeting again knowing his brother is fine, despite being captive, he really cares. To Mob he admires his younger brother. His brother wanting to apologize for all the wrong that was committed the previous episodes cannot even be brought up, because Mob is just glad his brother is alright. He also may be emotionless like for most of the series, but clearly his power is tied with his heart knowing he would do anything, even losing control of his powers, to protect him.mob-11-3

Saddly no Best Onee-chan comes to mind.

Best Ship (Straight):  Momo and Kurihara (Momokuri)

For a second I thought I did not have one. I have a lot of Yuri ships, that is for certain.

So, I just like Kurihara and her crazy way. I mean sure she is a little creepy, stalker-ish, and a few other things when it comes to her boyfriend. But although that is comedic, the two together is quite cute. It is honestly hard to say why I like this particular relationship, and it is technically not a ship since they are in a relationship compared to other ships where they are not. But regardless it is at times a cute relationship for a cute comedy.


Best Yuri Ship: Teko and Pikari (Amanchu)

As much as I wanted to say all possible ships in Love Live Sunshine and in New Game, I had to go with Amanchu.

The series feels like it revolves around this. In Love Live and in New Game although there are two obvious ones they can be canceled out by all the fan combinations that we get when we read between the lines. Either way Amanchu although hints at the possibility of a real one, still has fun just having these two characters together.nervous-yeah

Sorry no Yaoi ship from this season.

Alright. Now, at this point I would like to say this idea is still new, and I really wanted to get this post out a month ago. I will end it on The Best Dude and Best Girl of the season. However, I still wish there were more categories. Think of this as a mini Top Five, only it being a Top One. The one for the fall season will hopefully be closer to the end rather than almost a quarter into the next season. So, any suggestions like Best Show, or Best Worst Show, or something, feel free to comment your ideas.

Best Dude: Reigen (Mob Pscyho 100)

Honestly, most shows I watched last season I either dropped that had a male character, and the shows I was left with were female heavy cast. Reigen is still my favorite character from Mob Psycho 100, don’t get me wrong. With how late I am writing this section after starting this post and when last season ended, well my mind is fuzzy on male characters. But Reigen was still a great character, certainly important enough for me to remember him a month later.


Best Girl (Non-Love Live Character): Hifumi (New Game)

This was honestly hard, not because of the month difference, but because Love Live Characters taking over all the other nine spots. I will say it was close between Hifumi and Kou. But I like Hifumi just slightly more. Honestly a lot of female characters in New Game were very enjoyable. Umiko also being a close and Rin. So, can I just change this from Best Girl to Best Girls so the entire cast of New Game can be here?


Best Girl (Love Live): Yohane and Hanamaru

I put both here because it is impossible to choose. I mean, I had my name on twitter Johane Zura for like a month. I switched between Yohane, Hanamaru, and then both from July to September, how do you expect me to pick just one?

Anyway, both are super fun. Yohane being the quirky type of girl I like and Hanamru being the book-worm shy, but does have that goofy side from time to time that I also like. So, how could I not pick one over the other. I mean sure trying to figure out the rankings for Aqours is super difficult, but these two are my favorite of the bunch and easily both my favorite characters of the season.


Well, that is all the ones I have for now. Next season as I said I hope to get this post out sooner and with more “Bests.” If you have any suggestions, or would like to state your own bests, feel free to comment.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe