Where to begin. Well this week got a little more technical in terms of their attacks and the sport itself. There was hardly any ecchi moments as well. So, let’s get right into it and learn more on this fictional sport Keijo.


The Plot:

Last time, episode 2 ended with Nozomi using an ultimate attack that destroyed her teammates bathing suits. Well, this episode starts with it apparently really causing her hips to hurt. They required her to go to the infirmary.


After a message from Aoba, Nozomi is refreshed and ready to go.


But the others come in and tell Nozomi what happened and what they learned. Time to get technically with Keijo. For starters Keijo players are put into three categories, infighter, outfighter, and counter. Infighters use pure attack, outfighter uses their speed, and counter well they counter.

After catching Nozomi and the audience up with this information, the elite class members show up. They tell Nozomi she was using the Vacuum Butt Cannon, a super powerful attack. Of course another member, Rinrin they call her, is introduced and she is super quick. She offers Nozomi to be in the elite class to train with them since she seems Nozomi has potential.

Anyway, Nozomi gets called by Siren, after the others are put into their respective categories for fighters. She tells Nozomi that she should not use the Vacuum Butt Cannon. Again getting technical, and explaining how although powerful it can permanently damage your hips thus, at least in Nozomi’s case, preventing her from going pro. But Nozomi does not want to give up, since this is a strong move that could make her a Race Queen.

Siren agrees to help and teach Nozomi, but Nozomi needs to wear a rather weird suit for one month. It is called a UTM. It is a rubber like suit that pretty much makes her body do all sorts of things and stretch uncontrollably.

She gets an idea, after struggling for several days on end to even do basic stuff, by Aoba to relax her body. Which she does and the suit works in her favor.

Then a special match to get into the elite class begins to end the episode.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode did not have really any fighting or even training like the previous two episodes. It was a nice change of things where there was information about the sport and the consequences of the sport. This episode really helped push away the idea that this show could be nothing more than fan service and could have the possibility of being more about the sport than anything.

At the same time this episode really came off as a transition episode. Although it was meant to explain some details, there was also the fact that this episode meant to build up the upcoming fight. It certainly can come off as that type of episode, but the technical aspects of the sport were a main focus and did help forget this fact.

It was still rather enjoyable. Although it felt like not much happened. It certainly stays in neutral-ish territory for my enjoyment.


Overall Score: B

Overall Enjoyment: 60/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe