This Month

Well, I know that the 20-year thing was back in February, and since then I wanted to do a post to celebrate. Yes, I did a Nostalgia review of Pokemon Red back in March, but I wanted to do something different. Since the new game comes out this month, why not stuff for that.

So, I am doing 3 Top Fives relating to Pokemon. These will be out on Mondays this month.

I might do an initial impressions of Pokemon Moon. This will be the day after it comes out and the review for that day will be pushed back to that Sunday. I also haven’t done an I the American Otaku post in a while, so expect one being Pokemon related since this is a game series that got me into games, and the real first anime I ever watched.



Last month unfortunately I was rather busy getting paperwork for my part-time job. Although I may start looking for another one sometime soon. I mean I like substitute teaching it is just I have college bills I need to start playing off. If I get another job, well, let’s cross that bridge when I get there. I also got off topic with this. I was unable to get the Top Five I would have liked to get out, and the Mob Psycho 100 series review out as well. It was also one reason for the delay in most reviews too.

The Top Five I wished to get out last month was Top Five Love Live Sunshine Girls. Expect this to be next month now with the review for the show too.

This month I hope to get back on track with my goal of review, series, manga, and graphic novel each weekend. Again I was a bit busy on weekends and during the week I was a bit not in the mood to read some as well as busy during the time I would write them. It is a sort of lazy excuse for some cases behind my lack of writing and reading, so I am sorry.

So, this month reviews I am to get out are:

  • Mob Psycho 100 Series Review
  • Oh My Goddess Omnibus 1
  • Marvel’s Civil War II
  • Aria Season 1 Review

Some shows I wished to review I sadly have yet to continue, Haikyu and Natsume’s Book of Friends. I have not watched their second seasons in some time. I do wish to continue with Haikyu more than Natsume, so hopefully I will. But I am not going to do that review until I know I will finish the next season. Aria I just started the second season the day before this went up.



I am honestly still trying to think of something to do. I mean the first year anniversary is important. I view a five-year anniversary important too. I mean I don’t want to do a post saying, yay it has been two years. I was thinking of a Q&A, but I honestly don’t know. It is still a month away so I got time to think. But I am open to suggestions.


Final Note

Hopefully I can return to doing reviews day of. I will still probably watch most shows the following week since I can enjoy them more that way. Either way, expect that to happen in upcoming weeks. You will know when it happens since I will try to get the review out of Twin Star Exorcists hopefully on a Tuesday before the latest on a Wednesday. Of course that is if I am not busy working, but I will try to then get the latest ep reviews as soon as I am able when I am able.


That is all I have to say, thank you for reading, and expect the next blog update on December 1st. Any suggestions are always appreciated as well.