Marvel films have been known to take inspiration from story lines in their movies. The third Captain America Film, took the concept from the 7 issue event comic, Civil War. Although there is now a “sequel” Civil War II, and Marvel Comics are trying to find ways to blend the films more with the comics, both have little to do with the films overall plot and have a plot of their own. I am only focusing on the first event series. This event helped shape Marvel comics, for the following years, sometimes the aftermath of Marvel’s yearly events has a lasting effect, such as a death of a character, or does play a role for some time.

The seven issues begin with the New Warriors trying to take down so fugitive Super Villains, one in particular, an old Captain Marvel villain (Not to be confused with DC or Marvel’s current Captain Marvel) ends up destroying a Connecticut Town causing a national tragedy. Thus an act is proposed for Super Heroes to register, make their identities public knowledge. Tony Stark, in a guilt trip moment, votes to allow this to pass. While Captain America opposes, believing this could interfere with what heroes are doing. Thus a war breaks out, some are on Captain America’s side, while others are on Tony Stark.


The series came out monthly back in 2006, however now it can be found together and serve more like a graphic novel. I was reading this for the first time in a few years. The conflict seemed to be in just two major fights, with more questioning in the other five issues. The buildup was done rather well, mostly due to the split into fighting did not really appear until the end of the second issue.

However, some moments in the event series do reflect the time it came out, thus without prior knowledge some information is unknown, this being the case where Thor is and for the need to make a pseudo-clone. But this is only the clear problem that could leave people to question.


At the same time, I would like to note that it does share a similarity in the film, the heroes lose. This event is a Hero vs Hero situation. It is a battle of ideals, and in some cases no one can become a winner in this case. The final fight (which was a much large-scale compared to the film and had more impact), really demonstrated this. It gave the realization needed for both sides and served a good question, what are they really fighting for?

The ending was certainly its strongest point, and I am glad that Marvel says on several occasions that they have the event comics planned years in advance, well, except the latest Civil War one. This was no exception, and it was done properly. I mean it was big enough to the point where they used it for the basis that affects all their films.

civil-war-pic-3The series had plenty of writers and artists. Although I am a bit more of a fan of comics now, due to the art style looking darker in comparison, the details are what gets me. Seeing Iron Man and being able to see Tony Stark’s eyes through the eye holes to get a feel of his emotion behind his armor or just the detail to the damage of Captain America’s side and what they are limited to due to being fugitives.

Although it has little to do with the film, if you were a fan of it this would probably be a good time to check this event comic out. Overall the event series was enjoyable, and can still be read standalone without having that much knowledge of the comics at the time. It still has that rich storytelling, great pacing, and art, plus it could be read in a sitting if one wishes too.

Story: A

Art: B

Overall Score: B+

No recommendations, I figured I would keep that with just anime and manga reviews since that is what this blog is more known for. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe