Not much to say. I am honestly not going to bother talking about the drop in animation this episode, since this happens every few. This one being probably one of the worse. But will that hold this episode back, well, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

The trend of the Beino and Sae road show continue at the start of the episode. This time Beino and Sae sing the ohagi man theme song for the anime they want to make.


Anyway, they make it to Kyoto. The first thing they wish to do is sight see. With Beino growing up in Kyoto she knows a lot of famous tourists spots that have good ohagi.

After making a few plans on what they could do, Arima calls wanting them to come to the Exorcist main office. He believes there is a way to stop the Dragon Spots. He also instructs them to bring Sae.


Arima then tells his attendant that they need to prepare for a worst case scenario. As his attendant leaves, Arima is attacked by none other than Kuranashi. Thus the two fight.

Sae and the young exorcists make it to the headquarters. There Sae runs off somehow knowing where to go.


Meanwhile Arima fights Kuranashi, but after getting an upper hand, his carelessness gets the better of him. The trap he set off gets stronger the stronger the exorcists is. With Arima being the leader and strongest exorcists, well, it does not end well for him.

So the Beino and Rokuro chase after Sae. They make it to this strange tree and meet with Beino’s former teacher, Subaru. She welcomes Sae home. And long story short the tree is Ame-no-mihashira. There was a branch that was broken, and since the tree itself is the barrier that separates the two worlds, Dragon Spots start appearing. It may sound simple, but the branch is Sae. Sae is a tsukumogami, which is an inanimate object that gained a soul. So, Sae is given the ultimatum that she must return in order for everyone to be saved.

Before she can decide a rather large Dragon Spot appeared in the area as Kuranashi is aiming for his finally assault.


Overall Thoughts:

Well, not counting my problem with the animation, this episode was rather enjoyable. I do wish the fight with Arima and Kuranashi was, well more. It seemed slow and well, it felt like there could have been more. Both are said to be the strongest, but the fight seemed lacking in showing both sides true strength. Sure Arima defeated a bunch of Kegare just by speaking, but it did not seem that impressive with that being done last week.

As for the reveal of Sae’s identity, I sort of saw it coming as the episode was progressing. Although there may have been hints in previous episodes. Actually episode 25 is a good example and hint too for Sae’s identity. Overall it was a nice way to bring up the drama, and although it is probably an obvious answer for what she will say, hopefully the impact of Sae stays.  This episode certainly was stronger when dealing more about Sae, instead of what was going on with Arima.

I honestly could see there being three to four episodes left. I am sort of being hopefully for four, and the only reason for that is to see a proper good-bye to Sae as well as a decent fight that will happen between Rokuro and Beino against Kuranashi.

I am hoping they turn back to canon, even if they mix in more original or a somewhat original arc. There are twenty episodes left after all.


Overall Score:  B

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe