From the creator of One Punch Man, it is nothing like the smash hit of last year. Now hearing this you are probably thinking: “Great another terrible over hyped show!” or “Yes more One Punch Man!” But if you had either of these thoughts well, be prepared since it is neither.

Mob Psycho 100 deals with the main protagonist, Shigeo Kageyama, or more commonly referred to as Mob, he is just you average middle schooler, well, he sees himself that way despite having strong psychic powers. Of course to not cause harm to him or others he seals his emotions a way. He works as an assistance to Reigen, unknown to Mob he is a con artist, but he says he is an exorcist. But no matter what challenges Mob faces he slowly starts to lose control and his powers start to become a threat of their own.

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Now, having done the weekly reviews of the show, there can certainly be a lot to say about Mob Psycho 100. From Studio Bones this 12 episodes  supernatural comedy is based on the manga created by ONE. Going in and just hearing the fact it was by the same creator as One Punch Man, I honestly thought to expect something similar, humor, parody, and a lot of action. Mob certainly is overpowered, but it is explained why due to him bottling up his emotions. Either way it certainly gave me exactly what I did not expect. It did have humor, but there was a more emotional connection as the series went on. It was not about the jokes and action. It was about the characters. Not just Mob, but his brother, Ritsu, or even Teruki. They are in middle school and trying to deal with those situations and problems that comes hand in hand with growing up.

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Mob Psycho, the strongest factor was when it dealt with the characters. There were action elements mixed in, certainly the fact the second half of the show it may be forgettable it all started with the problems Ritsu was having. It switched from being about the personal issues to saving Mob’s brother. It certainly is a slight issue how this transition is, but it is done so fluidly that it works for the series.


The final arc, which is really the second half may deal with the mix of social issues and dealing with an evil organization, although they are six episodes most happen in a day or in a few hours. Yet character growth is clearly seen, and kept consistent. Mob, for the sake of this review and doing my best to avoid major spoilers, changes the most. He is the main character after all. At the start her is sort of meek-ish, and oblivious to other’s emotions, yet he has this sense that although he has extraordinary abilities he is no different from others. It is his sense of, well, average-ness, and being humble that affects those around him. He does not always fight willingly, he may not understand why most things happen around him, but he does affect friends and foes alike around him due to his normal state of being. Most of the character development for others are thanks to Mob’s interference or world view that clashes with their own.

The art is rather fitting. At first it might not seem something special, the opening might even give that feeling too that it might have been done poorly. But as time goes on the art style works to benefit the series. It is not on the emotional or drama like aspects of the series, but rather the fighting. Making the psychic battles all that more extraordinary.

When it comes to shows having the same creator can mean one of three things, this could be for the source material or the series in general, I tend to focus more on the source creator a majority of the time. For starters it can be just as good as their other work, thus making you want to check out more. Or, if their original work was bad, well, it can just be as bad, thus staying in a state of neutrality. Another case being it is just not as good as their other work, maybe it is the characters, or plot, or maybe it just has something that just does not work for it. Lastly, it can just be better. Perhaps it is in the writing, or plot, or characters. Perhaps it does something different that makes it work out setting itself away from their previous work. I would like to think Mob Psycho 100 fits into the third category, unfortunately it will probably live in One Punch Man’s shadow.

Mob Psycho 100 is streamed by Crunchyroll. Funimation I believed licensed it through their deal with Crunchyroll in North America. There is a dub on the way, however this review only covers the 12 episodes subbed at the time of posting.


  • Plot: C+
  • Characters: A
  • Art: B
  • Overall Score: B+


Mob Psycho 100 primarily focuses on the characters. It is the shows strongest feature. I am someone who believes great characters can make up for problems in the plot, it is the make or break point for any series. This show is no exception. The characters are what makes the shows plot a bit above average. Although their is the need and want for a second season after the slight set up for one at the end.

Personal Enjoyment: 90/100


If you did not like One Punch Man, I would give this show a try, same could be said if you did or did not see it, so check it out all the same. It may have minor similarities, but it is not as humor filled and it does a lot better focus on the characters and not relaying on a single joke to end fights.

This show is probably best to watch the second half as close together as possible, like two or three episodes in one sitting.  This is primarily due to what happens and may give a clearer view of the series as a whole.

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As always feel free to give your thoughts on the series, or if you have an idea for a series like this one.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe