Well, since the seventh generation of Pokemon games are coming out/are out. I decided to write a few Pokemon related posts to get a little hype for my first and still favorite game franchises. For me, I always seem to remember the male characters more. Perhaps because the main villain leaders are male, or due to most of the gym leaders seem to be male. So, time to give some love to the ladies of Pokemon and count down some of my favorite, and maybe a potential favorite for the new game.

I am only basing these lists off the games, not the anime.

Mini Top Five PokeHusbandos:

Number 5: Lance (Pokemon Heart Gold Champion)

I still call hacks on the fact he has a Dragonite in Heart Gold and Soul Silver before they can evolve. Still cool team.

Number 4: Giovani (Pokemon Leaf Green 8th Gym Leader and Team Rocket Leader)

Okay, a villain, but a cool one at that. Unlike the rest he was not after world destruction or domination. He admits his defeat and sees the errors of his ways and tries to get a second chance.

Number 3:  N (Pokemon White Team Plasma King)

Don’t know why, just looking for a spot to fill.

Number 2: Norman (Pokemon Sapphire 5th Gym Leader)

He is a shadow of his former self in the remake, he is still the destroyer of all. Nice dad though.

Number 1: Steven (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Champion)

In the original Sapphire, easily the hardest foe still. Still a little tricky in Alpha Sapphire.

Okay, now time for the ladies.

I would like to say that some of the art used is not my own. All source links can be found beneath the picture. So please support the artist. If you are the creator of the art and do not wish for me to display it, feel free to contact me for its removal. 

Number 6?: Lusamine (Pokemon Moon Aether Foundation President)

I will not go into much detail. In fact, this post was written only a few days after she was announced for the game, so September. Although I do not know what her character’s role is in the game or know much in general. But, after seeing a lot of amazing fan art, I got the idea for this post because of her. From the brief scene she seems to really care about Pokemon of all walks of life and cares for them regardless if she is trying to protect them from Team Skull or even need protection. She comes off as really sweet, and well I am starting to realize I have a weakness for blondes again.


Number 5: Caitlin (Pokemon White Elite Four Member)

I am not sure why I just always liked her. Going to her fight in the Elite Four, one was a challenge. It seems like after 5th gen the challenge of the Elite Four slowly faded. I play it for the story now anyway. But her introduction as a “Sleeping Beauty” is always nice. Seeing her is like entering a fairy tale in Pokemon. Her team seemed to give me a challenge, even when I had a dark type.

Although she does not play major roles, unlike other members on this list, outside of the Elite Four, I am still rather fond of her and find her interesting.


Number 4: Clair (Pokemon Heart Gold 8th Gym Leader)

Of the list of Gym Leaders that give me a challenge, even today, next to Norman in the original Sapphire, she is near the top. Dragon types are one of my favorite, and for the final gym leader in the Johto part of the game, it is easily the hardest. Since Dragons in that game are only really weak to Dragon and Ice, having either is a challenge. Be it in Nuzlockes or playing the game normally, I could go through the game easily after Chuck, only to stop and grind up levels and hope for the best. My team seems to revolve more around how to defeat her than the Elite Four. As a gym leader that is quite the accomplishment, since she is the only one I can think of that requires me to do that.

Plus, let’s face it I like how she is a sore loser and a bit of a tsundere. After you beat her gym and have to go on a short quest, it is rather fun to see her reaction, especially when she finds out you really are better than her.

So, she has a lot going for her, tough battle, nice personality, and well is cute.


Number 3: Shelly (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Team Aqua Admin)

For starters, sorry Courtney Fans I did not play Pokemon Alpha Ruby, so I did not get to see her.

I just like her in general. Every time she appears she seems to have the mix of possible emotions. She even jokes in one part saying “Perhaps it is destiny.” I always was fond of her in the new game. Although after 6th gen Pokemon lost its challenge factor for me. She seems to be the same way, and I am not really challenged. But I do like how she acts, even if I cannot remember her battle. She may be a bit of a support in terms of Team Aqua, but she certainly has the larger voice out of all the Admins. The others seem to do what she tells them and even the leader accepts her advice, after he ignores it.

There is certainly a lot more to her beneath her rough exterior personality.


Number 2: Malva (Pokemon X Elite Four Member)

The sixth gen Elite Four I found rather easy. Even the champion. Out of all of them I remember her the most. Sure my first time playing I did not know she was the news lady. But in the post-game she is apparently a former Team Flame member. There was certainly a lot to her. She may come off as a nice person on the news. However, fighting her and even meeting her again in the post-game, she is rather cold and mean and certainly a person you would not want to cross. She is a busy woman, and acts like it too. But she is also a star and acts like she is the biggest thing. Her personality is as fiery as her team. So, how could I not like her.


Number 1: Cynthia (Pokemon Platinum Champion)

The original Pokewaifu, for me at least. Although Saber, Kaede, and Umi are the main three. Cynthia also has that status on a lesser level. Here is why.


Her team is certainly one of the toughest, of all champions both before and after her. Platinum and fourth gen I do not like for many reasons, the story is long after the 7th gym, most new Pokémon are just new evolutions, and well, it really forces you to no longer explore like the games prior, which was the start of this trend in games. But the Elite Four is probably one of the hardest. Cynthia being the final member is like the final nail on the coffin. After your team struggles for the other four members, Cynthia has a mixture of challenging Pokemon and both a Garchomp and Spiritomb to nearly destroy your team. I still have yet to beat her team in her other game appearances in Black and White. Even the anime says she may be the strongest trainer in the world, which would not be hard to believe.


Plus she gives you a Togepi egg. The Togepi line happens to be my favorite Pokemon line, and well, she gives you the egg for it. Why would I not like her for this reason?


Her story, so besides being one of the hardest champions, she is in the game a lot. Compared to other champions and other gym leaders, she appears a lot. She gives you advice and is very supportive. She also happens to know a lot about a lot of things. She is known for her studying of myths and wants to know a lot about everything. She is not hot-headed, or looks for a fight, she will give advice regardless. She is certainly one of my favorite Pokemon characters, my only problem is the game she is first appears in.

I so cannot wait to see her in the new game. I am so glad they are bringing her back. It does make me question if anyone else might return too. I wonder which lady of the new region she is friends with.



Again: I would like to say that some of the art used is not my own. All source links can be found beneath the picture. So please support the artist. If you are the creator of the art and do not wish for me to display it, feel free to contact me for its removal. 

Honorable Mentions: Sabrina, Erika, Jasmine, Flannery, Lorelei. There are a few others.

Anyway, who are your favorite guys and gals of Pokemon? Feel free to comment.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe