Well, to celebrate the release of the latest Pokemon Game I figured I would do a few Top Fives all relating to Pokemon. This is also my way of celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise that got me into anime, video games, and has been a part of my life for well at least 17 years.  So, why not start with my favorite Pokemon.

Please note, no Pokemon that appear in the 7th generation are on this list. Since the game has yet to be released I, in no way, have an appropriate means to judge them. So any Pokemon from number 1 to number 721 will be found on this list.

Please also note, that I am more than likely judging the evolution line as a whole, which is a major factor on being on this list.

Obvious feel free to comment some of your favorite Pokemon.

Here are some honorable mentions:

Dragonite, Typhlosion, Serperior, Goodra, Ampharos

Number 5: #658 Greninja

First Appearance: 6th Gen in Pokemon X and Y

Evolution Line: Froakie, Frogadeir, Greninja

Type: Water/Dark

I always like starters. I always have them on my team, while others typically get rid of their starters, they are always with me. At first in 6th gen I thought I would like the Grass Starter, Chespin. But after a playthrough, I did not like him so much. After a few playthroughs I had Froakie, which I rather liked.

However, it was not until I decided to build a team and do online battling where I began to like Greninja’s line. This was mostly thanks to the hidden ability Protean, which changes its typing depending on the movie it uses.  So, with a special attacker and having 4 different typing I could nearly sweep most teams I am up against with my Greninja.

I still have the one I use, even after a good two years. I mean I still have Pokemon saved in the Pokebank from almost a decade or more ago. The one I named Koga, the ninja Pokemon gym leader from First Gen, well, he is not going anywhere any time soon.



Number 4: #254 Sceptile

First Appearance: 3rd Gen in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

Evolution Line: Treeko, Grovyle, Sceptile

Type: Grass

I did not like Sceptile in the third generation games. The reason for it being the lack of good grass moves. However once fourth generation came out and I got a Treeko in Heart Gold needless to say I loved Sceptile since it was able to get great grass moves.

I do not really have any found memories. Other Pokemon I do. I remember that time in a Nuzlocke in Pokemon White my Serperior was the only one left and swept the Pokémon League, which is why I name them all Balthazar. I do not really have a reason. Maybe that so called “Dream Team” I called them in Heart Gold. Sceptile, Typhlosion, Electivier, are the ones that all come to mind of the 6 of them.

But I am not certain why. I just do. I like the other starters in the third generation. I just like Sceptile more and when thinking of this list Sceptile came to mind. But I guess I do not need to have a found memory or reasons like that. I am sure if I had one it might be higher on this list. But it is not. I still will like it and when choosing a starter for all generations, Sceptile is easily tied for my first choice.


Number 3: #009 Charazard

First Appearance: 1st Gen in Pokemon Red and Blue

Evolution Line: Charmander, Charmelion, Charazard

Type: Fire/Flying

Pokemon Red was my first Pokemon game, and video game I ever had. I remember back when I had no idea what I was doing in that game for a good week or too. For starters I did not know I could save my game. I also did not know that, well there was a door in the Viridian Forest that would lead to the next town. So, for some time my fame would stop there.

But out of the countless times I would start over, Charmander would be the one I would pick. I was a kid and let’s face it dragons are cool. I was also so glad that Charazard got two Mega Evolutions (I still wish the other starters did too) and one of those Mega Evolutions getting a Fire Dragon typing.

So, nostalgia being the main reason for Charazard being here. But it is also one of the few fire types I like. I like fire types, but I do not like most of them, sometimes it is that dreaded Fire Fighting typing, other times it is the design. But Charazard does not have any of that.

It also could be due to the anime and how Charazard was a major role. Either way, Charazard is still one of my favorites, and if I make a team, with any Pokemon, Charazard would probably be trying to find a way on that list.


Number 2: #037 Vulpix

First Appearance: 1st Gen in Pokemon Red and Blue

Evolution Line: Vulpix, Ninetails

Type: Fire Alola Form Type: Ice

Vupix is so cute. Its Alola form I was so happy for and it is also just so cute. It looks so fluffy and adorable how can I note love it.

All seriousness aside, since I was being serious there. It is super cute, but also super useful. I do like Vulpix more than Ninetails. Ninetails is really useful, and I do really like using it on my team. My only real problem with it is its abilities, mostly since Flash Fire I think is useless ability. Although it saddens me that Vulpix was confirmed to be a Sun Exclusive in the new games, I can gain solace in the fact my brother will trade me one.

Still Vulpix I just always liked. It is the perfect balance of cute and powerful. I do wish it learned more fire moves by level up. Either way, I mostly like it since it is cute.


Number 1: #468 Togekiss

First Appearance: 4th Gen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

Pre-evolutions First Appearance: 2nd Gen in Pokemon Gold and Silver

Evolution Line: Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss

Type: Fairy Flying

Togepi was always one of my favorite Pokemon. I did have my problems with it being weak, so I never used it often. But come Heart Gold and Soul Silver, well, I really came to love it. In 4TH gen it gains the new evolution, which gains a boost in power. I seem to always pick Togepi as my flying type when given the chance. Even on my online team, I have Togekiss at the ready. Of course I keep its more well-known move thanks to the anime, Metronome. It is sort of its make or break move, but I have plenty others. Again it is one of the few that has a unique name that I give it, Princess, if it is a girl. This is due to my story I did a long time ago on Deviantart. It was a Pokemon Nuzlocke, and the Togepi was named Bella, however she was constantly referred to as Princess.

Either way with a mixture of reasons that made me love this Pokemon, and although it was probably made clear in the last Top Five Pokewaifus and Pokehusbandos, but oh well. The Togepi line will always be one of my favorite.


Again,  feel free to comment some of your favorite Pokemon.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe