Well, it caught me a bit off guard, but this arc is over. I honestly thought we would have another two or three episodes, but clearly I was wrong. There is a lot to say, and well, I will also give my thoughts on this arc as a whole in the end. So, let’s get right to it.

The Plot:

So the end of last episode revealed that Sae is part of the tree that separates and acts as a barrier between the two worlds. To restore the tree and put an end to the Dragon Spots, Sae needs to turn back into a branch. Of course before any of this could happen a rather large Dragon Spot appeared and the Kegare are on a full assault.

Of course Beino and Rokuro are not happy by this fact. However, Subaru, she says that in the end it is Sae’s decision and if they force her it would only make things worse.

Of course they have a plan, this involves all 12 Heavenly Commanders. To carry out the ritual to seal the final Dragon Spot, the True Dragon Spot, one is on defense the other is on offense. With Seigen out of the 12 Guardians it is up to Beino and Rokuro to be the defense. Also Arima is missing, so this weakens the ritual and slows down the process.

Now, while the ritual goes into effect Kuranashi places a spell. When the Dragon Spot disappears, the end of the exorcists will come.

Anyway, while Rokuro and Beino fight Sae and Kinako talk. Sae wonders why Rokuro and Beino fight so hard, and the answers is simple. They fight to protect what is important to them, as Kinako puts it.


Just as it looks like the Dragon Spot starts to vanish, it doesn’t. The miasma stays and well, it was an illusion. The 12 Guardians are then attacked and trapped. Thus prompting Rokuro and Beino to use Resonance. Of course Sae sees them use this power. Rokuro and Beino do not want to give up, despite being badly beaten and near their limits. Their spell power gives up before they do.

It is then they realize the Dragon Spot is fading even though they failed. Sae is now missing and the two race to the tree.

They get their just in time as Sae gives her last good byes. Rokuro and Beino are deeply sadden knowing they will not be able to do a lot with Sae. They will not be able to take her to the places they wished or anything anymore. Sae simply tells them she loves them very much and wants to do her part to protect them.


Later, Beino finds a present from Sae. A short little story about Beino and Rokuro. It is for the people she loves. Of course there are several jokes and things that were taught to her by Beino and Rokuro. She mentions how show loves Rokuro’s smile (Papa) and corrects herself instead of saying she loves Beino, but she loves Mama’s smile as well. Thus the story of Sae comes to a tearful end.

Overall Thoughts:

I certainly had a lot of problems with this arc. This could be in the pacing, the fights, the plot. But well, with the next arc being original as well. At this point I would rather have the rest of the series be original as well. Mostly since it does not feel like there is a decent place to end in the manga at this point. Either way it is an original ending.  However, despite this, this arc does have a lot going on.

Although most of the fights against the Basara ended prematurely, this arc was never about them. This arc was merely to introduce them and more than likely be used in the next one with more fights that hopefully get a decent ending.

In the long run, this arc was all about Beino, Rokuro, and Sae. Looking at it from that perspective, sure the fights do seem a little annoying, but it was never about those. Even this last episode in the arc there was no major fight. It was about Sae coming to terms with needing to leave Rokuro and Beino. This of course is going to leave a lasting impression on the young exorcists.

I only say I hope that the rest of the anime stays original, despite the fact that it would then make only 10 episodes of adaptation, is because it works well for Rokuro and Beino’s relationship. The manga is all about their relationship. The manga to me is weak at the start since it dives into the major fights. Instead we were able to get build up and have them get closer. Only now after those major fights, they are even closer than they are in the manga with Sae now gone. The manga was always about their relationship and looking at this arc as a whole, it really is clear how far the two have come.

This arc as I said had issues, but by the end, it really shined bringing out Rokuro’s and Beino’s relationship.

That also being said, I do hope the next original arc has better pacing and is a bit more action with fights having a conclusion. As much as I did love this arc now for the relationship development, I was too focused on the fights to realize that until now. I will assume it will be more about fighting Kuranashi, unless of course the rest of the series is original, in the case fighting all the basara. Kuranashi is certainly a big villain, and well, this series needs to end taking him out at some point along the way. Plus, Arima is still missing, so finding him probably is going to be in the next arc too.

Overall Score: B+

Personal Enjoyment: 95/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe