I will keep spoilers to a minimum, however story wise not much happened, so, there is not much to talk about in that area.

As a whole, at the time of writing this, I just completed the second of 4 Grand Challenges. Each Island has several. The first one only having one, the second having three. This is the first time in a main story Pokemon game where there are no Gyms. I have to say I am mixed.

As a longtime fan and playing since around the time Red came out, it is weird that there are no gyms. I do not dislike this fact. In fact, I rather enjoy this new way. I just wish there was more of a battle that gave a better sense of accomplishment when completing one of the challenges, instead of just the Totum Pokemon.

Again, I have roughly 12 hours into the game, and completed 2 Grand Challenges. But the Team Skull has appeared a bit, however, the Aether Foundation only appeared twice. The first scene, well, it seems rather odd and contradictory with how they should be. But for the main teams or whatever they are to not play a major role this far in, is odd. Yet I am glad I am not bombarded every few seconds by something that the teams are doing.

My only real complaint is the fact that you need to go place to place with very little ability to explore, since it forces you to go in one direction. Each new generation it feels like it limits you more and more, and this one feels like it does it the most, at least for now.

So, I am honestly surprised I do not have as much to say as I wished. I am rather fond of the direction the game is going. I do like the fact there are mini quests to beat the trainers on each route or find a certain Pokemon for a reward. This is a rather nice touch, and one I always wish they had in Pokemon, since it promotes looking on each route all the more.

I do wish I could say more, but there honestly is hardly anything. I think I will give my final impressions as well. But for now here is my work and progress team: Torracat, Lycanroc, Araquanid, Pikachu, and Fromantis. I am uncertain on my final team member. I am not sure if I will switch out Alolan Raichu for Aloalan Vulpix, or something else.

Sorry for quality, I was taking them with my phone. This was also taken prior to adding Pikachu.

I also got this poster for pre-ordering. I honestly wish the store did something else since this kind of seems lame.


Hopefully more thoughts on it later. But feel free to give your thoughts on the game, maybe even your team. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe