Well, in all honesty I been delaying these reviews more and more. Personally I do not like bringing this up, since it just dates the reviews all that more. With last episode concluding the first anime original arc and the next one being one as well. I was still recovering from the sad ending the last one had. Either way I am a little upset I did not watch this one sooner. More on that reason later.

The Plot:

Well, Kinako woke up, and there is no one there. He is confused on why he was alone so he goes searching for everyone. But no one is to be found, at least at first. Before he knows it he hears someone and rushes in believing it is Beino. It is Mayura. It turns out Kinako was asleep for the last 3 days. He was pretty worn out after their travels.

But this does not stop him from worrying about Beino. After the events with Sae, Kinako believes Beino might be upset.


Time for flashbacks. Ten years ago Kinako meets Beino for the first time. Beino’s grandma believes this may help Beino heal. But Kinako is a bit narcissistic and just wants Beino to say something, after not saying anything at all for a good amount of time.

This does not stop him from wanting to get Beino to talk to him, or find a means to help her by any way. But Beino is fairly self-sufficient. He does not know it at the time, but it is made clear that this was shortly after Beino’s parents were killed and she was separated from her brother, after Beino passes a family. But Kinako finally gets Beino to speak after trying to cheer her up by bringing her to a special place of his.


The following day, or a few days later. Beino is practicing with Subaru. She would like to continue, but Subaru said she did enough. Kinako not only bad mouth’s Subaru, but wants to tell Beino to relax a bit. Of course, Beino does not want the help nor did she like Kinako bad mouth her master.

Kinako runs off only to over hear a conversation on what happened to Beino’s parents. Feeling ashamed of himself he goes searching for her. Ultimately he finds her at the spot he took her too. He then vows that he will always be by Beino side and want to protect her no matter what.


Back to the present, Kinako is running around trying to find Beino. He knows she is upset with the recent events with Sae.


When he does find her, and Rokuro, they all head back to the house. Kinako believes Beino is just concealing her emotions and is really hurting. But in fact, he is the one really hurting. Despite everyone making food and tea for Sae, Beino and Rokuro do not cry. Kinako does. But Rokuro mentions how Sae is all around them, protecting them, and this world. She would not want them to be sad and cry.

Beino then makes the remark remembering about 10 years ago when she shared food with Kinako, and he is rather happy.


In the post credits, with Arima still missing, his assistant, Mikage Tsuchimikado, promotes himself as the acting Exorcist leader.


Overall Thoughts:

Honestly hearing that this would be all about Kinako, I thought this was not going to be a good episode. By the end however, I completely took it back. It actually made me wish he was not just an anime original character. It made him likeable and now with more back story an idea of where he came from. He certainly worries that one day Beino will no longer need him. But this episode really gave the fact he is going to be here for the long run and Rokuro cares for him as well.

This episode was one of the best original solo episodes. It also served as a great way to conclude the recent arc before diving right into a new one. I do like how the ending was. It brought it back to Sae. But it also kept the fact this episode was all about Kinako and his relationship with Beino. It had that perfect way of going about with it that made it not feel like it was all about Sae, but still about Kinako, despite him making it about Sae in the end.

Sae’s impact was rather strong on the three of them. Although it is diving into another anime original arc, and maybe staying anime original for the rest of the fifty episode run, Sae may certainly have a major impact. Maybe she will not be brought up often, but this episode really helped preserve her importance the last arc made her.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe