As the title suggests, yeah this episode is a recap. I knew it would happen again at some point. Although I have issues about recap episodes. This one is no different, either way let’s go into this episode all the same.

The Plot:

Well, Beino and Rokuro are visiting the dorm. The same dorm that Rokuro met Yuta in and sort of caused this series to go in motion. The two wanted to go their together to really, well, help come to terms with the past.

As a few flashbacks go on, namely one that reminds both Rokuro and Beino of their promise to be stronger than the Twelve Heavenly Commanders in two years’ time. After the events of this last arc, they do not really feel ready or even close compared to them.twin-star-exorcists-ep-32-pic-3


While the young exorcists travel home, the Twelve Heavenly Commanders are working on trying to find Arima. Each one sort of introducing the characters once more.


Back to Rokuro and Beino, they remember the last few episode events dealing with the Basara, which they know they need to finish the fights someday. Even if they right now do not feel ready.

Rokruo and Beino then go see Seigen, and Rokuro asks the question, “Where was he born?” Seigen replies that he was found in the other world. It is unknown who is parents are and just about everything. This is canon, but I do not believe in the manga Rokuro found this out. It is nice to see he is at least trying to find out. This was all thanks to Sae, who Rokuro felt like he was similar to her in that sense.


Anyway, Kagara warning appears after Beino and Rokuro’s talk together. It is the Basara that was first introduced in the last arc. They all talk of their worries. The three dance, yes they dance, and the Basara leaves them.

The episode ends with Kuranashi grabbing a new mask.

Overall Thoughts:

Obviously this episode was a recap and a filler. I did like the previous recap episode. This might have been due to opening my mind to realizing how much of Rokuro and Beino’s relationship grew. This was not the case this time. I get the show is at an early prime time slot and needs to get viewers, so this episode was a means to help get new ones despite it being 30 episodes in. Unlike to the previous one, this did not add anything to the story.

This recap episode, when it was not trying to recap, felt like they had little idea on what to do and were really trying to make this a filler episode. Yes, there were a few things that make this episode not skippable, namely the discovery for Rokuro. But that is only if it plays a role later on. Since the manga has not really brought this up, I assume the next arc will have something to do with this for Rokuro. I honestly hope so.

Either way I cannot say I loved this episode and I cannot say I hated it. It was just neutral and hopefully this is the last recap episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 60/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe