So Nozomi needs to take it, to the limit, one more time. So, for anyone who can get that reference, at least the one I was trying to make, good for you. Either way this episode dives deeper in trying to prove me wrong that this show is a serious sports anime, at least on my twitter feed.


Anyway, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Nozomi was butt hurt (pun intended) that something was off on her own body after last episode. Needless to say she shows her body off to Miyata to ask what is wrong with her body.

So, after that little mishap, Miyata suggests that maybe Nozomi should watch Shirayuki and compare her moves to her.


Yet the next day she does not feel like this plan will work. The training for today deals with going upstreaming. This works the lower body. However, due to the sticks floating down river, they sort of bump into the girl’s chest. Shirayuki easily knocks them aside, and Nozomi learns that this was not just practice for the lower body, but the upper body, reactions, and prediction of a player.


Nozomi also learns her butt might be too thick. This was a result of her training the Vacuum Butt Cannon.


The teachers talk with Shirayuki, who does say she is rather fond of Nozomi, which the teachers are too. I guess they see at least her potential, or maybe something more.

But everyone goes into the UTM suits. This is for every girl now to start training. Poor Miyata, she got her hopes a little too high in this scene.


Nozomi however is not wearing it. Instead, Shirayuki has another means for Nozomi to attack. The Butt Flash.


How may she learn this move? Well, but tying a rope around her and using her butt to pull turnips out of the ground.


This does not go well, since Shirayuki wants Nozomi to learn on her own. If her body does not learn, there is no point in all of this.


But after failing for some time, and eating countless meals of Turnips, Nozomi learns of the East West War. There are two Keijo schools in all of Japan. The War is the battle between the elites from both schools to test their skills. But that is not all, they all get tickets to give to their families to show up. With Nozomi knowing or at least having the idea of Miyata’s family issues, she encourages her to give the tickets to her parents.


Now more pumped up, Nozomi tries to figure this move out. Of course she learns that Shirayuki is also doing it for the people of her village and is super busy. She does not want to waste Shirayuki’s kindness too since she realized how selfish she is.


Then Mio shows up and gets the Turnip pull out on the first try. She gives Nozomi a hint, and also a little yuri temptation for more hints. But Nozomi still did not figure it out.


Then Nozomi gets it. After bumping into the cart earlier it is not just about muscle, but where the weight is going, more specifically, the way her butt moves and swings. She nails it. Of course now that she did Shirayuki was on her way to give her a hint believing she was too hard on Nozomi.


The training is almost done. They have one more day left in the camp. Well, it is time for a mock battle and they can choose their opponents. Usagi, the girl obsessed with Mio, annoyed ay Nozomi for being the temptress of Mio’s affection, challenges her.


Next time it looks like the east west war begins, and that fight it built up to is probably not going to be long in that case.

Overall Thoughts:

There are a lot of training episodes, this is like the third one. Not that I have a problem with that, since at this point it also is helping further the fact that this is more of a sports anime. Sure some of it may be silly, but it is still a sport. Training one’s body to make them better at the sport and well, I know nothing of sports.

Either way, this episode really gave well, my backbone to this show setting it as a sport. Yes, a lot of the lines can be taken out of context, but it still is decent in the sports area.

This show again being a training episode there is not much to say other than yes, she trained and stuff.

I do like the fact that Miyata did get some focus with her family. Maybe in an upcoming episode we will see the fallout between her and her dad. Would be nice to see at least some drama since this was brought up to be a problem since episode 1.

Unfortunately, I do not have much to say other than that. If I did it would just be me revolving around the same thing.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe