With this episode it certainly is starting a new arc. At the same time, it starts to give a better look into the characters that already appeared, both friends and foes alike. Maybe there is hope that this next one will give more details to all the characters quickly introduced in the last arc. But it is too soon to say. Either way let’s get started.

The Plot:

With last episode Rokuro discovering he was found in Magano around ten years ago. He decides to go visit the spot. Although Beino and him are still uncertain on what only they can do and still wish to get stronger. But now they also wish to discover more on Rokuro’s past and the truth of where he came from. (Certainly something that even the manga has yet to look into)

While this is happening, Mikage does a few things to try to get a spiritual fix on where Arima went off to. But what he found quickly made him want to call the Heavenly Commanders once more.


One of the commanders, Miku, starts remembering the past. Each commander was going back to their daily lives, but she just thinks about Sada’s father. She remembers a few events and then goes on with her day.


But once all the commanders do meet once more, they get some unsettling news, Arima is dead. Thus the hunt for Kuranashi begins.


Kuranashi on the other hand is putting his plans in motion. In fact, the whole Dragon Spot events were only just the start and more of a distraction. When the exorcists expelled the miasma from the people, they absorbed, making it when they are defeated Basara will only get stronger.

Rokuro and company finally return to school. They are a bit worried that they may be questioned with the events that happened recently, but school is not important. Shimon shows up, and gives them the warning a rather powerful Basara is coming and he will handle it. Of course Rokuro and Beino wish to be trained by him after hearing he has been training Mayura. He ultimately does train them and does think they improve.

Back to Miku, she has more flashbacks. For starters she is over fifty, that was revealed earlier. It turns out she that she liked Sada’s father. She was going to confess her love for him, but before she could it turns out he was going to get married.

Then, the massive Basara that eats people showed up. Although it snaps her back to reality it soon angers Sada. That Basara killed her father. Miku remembers promising Sada’s father that she would protect her since it was his dying wish. But before she could do anything now, Sada runs off into battle and the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

I honestly did like this episode. I mean I did not enjoy the recap episode so obviously this one looks better by comparison. But even then this helps not only kick off the new arc, but also give the fact that the last arc will play a role in it.

But not only that this episode, providing it actually turns into something, Rokuro wants to learn more on his past. I always wondered and although I stopped reading for some time, so the answer might be known by now, but there was the fact that Rokuro did not even know of his origin.  So, hopefully there is more follow-up since it could be interesting on what could happen.

Then there was Miku. I am glad they gave her character some time to flesh out. So far besides Shimon, Subaru, Tatara, and Segen all the heavenly Commanders did not have much screen time. They all got one episode and no real major role beyond that. So with this episode hopefully this means they have more plans. I mean one of them was revealed to be a father with a whole family of exorcists, he had like 7 or 8 kids. There has to be some story with him at some point. So there is hope in that case.

Either way this episode was good at setting up the next, giving hope for the characters, and a few other things. Hopefully they continue doing something similar to give all the characters plenty of time to shine without taking time away from the two that matter the most.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe