Before I officially begin. Thank you, everyone for the last two years. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you continue to enjoy. This really means a lot to me. The past two years I have made plenty of friends thanks to the Reviewer’s Corner. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

thank you everyone

This is another update post I am writing in advance before it is actually close to December. I really am not sure how to say this by any means. I knew there will come a time when blogging here comes to an end. I do not want it to be the end just yet. At the same time, it is a little weird.  I know I wanted to do something for my 2-year anniversary, but for the life of me nothing has come up for an idea.

Hiatus Stuff:

However, I would like to say I am taking a break from blogging. Not a long one. Just two weeks.

As I mentioned I am applying for Graduate School and am now working. Unfortunately, with all that is going on, I need a break. The deadline for one application is in a few weeks. I have not worked on my book or looking for an agent in a while too, mostly since I was rejected a few times, but oh well.

At the end of the day of work I have even less time to work on anything and blog posts. Motivation is a little low some days. One of the deadlines is very close for Grad School applications and I only found two schools to apply to, so I need to work my hardest to get in. I am almost done, and honestly I am a lot farther and close to finishing than I think, I just need to focus and make sure it truly is ready.

So, I am taking the next two weeks off. In January I will take another two-week break, closer to the end of the month. This is partially due to another application being due, but I want to get it out before January.

April I had a month off, I did not like it at all. I wanted to write. It was the same in November last year. So, I think two weeks this month and two weeks next will be enough to recharge my blogging energy and get important life things situated.

I am also going to try, and probably fail, being on Twitter a lot less during this time. I want as little screwing around as possible. But I will likely fail at this. I will try to at least not be on as long on the weekends to really focus on the paperwork anyway.

How last month was, well, it sorts of answers how busy I was working, posts are a bit delayed after all. I did not get much done what I hoped. So, I think I will cut back on my weekend reviews. There will be at least 3 a month, but on Sundays now. That way I can work on them on Saturdays and not have to rush.

New Posts:

Anyway, so all my weekly reviews will be on hold until I return. It really sucks, since I just got the Crunchyroll pass and would be doing reviews day of again, or at least day after. But at least there is that.

Before I get back I will start a 12 Days of Anime “Best of 2016.” Five will be dealing with shows of each season, and one I watched that did not air this year. If you have any suggestions for the other 7 days, feel free to suggest them.  These posts will be out at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time starting I believe 14th, either way it will end on Christmas.

I also decided I am skipping Mid-season impressions, since I am all over the place this season and have no idea what I am watching. But final impressions will be out later this month.

Due to the 12 Days of Anime posts, and returning from a hiatus, the only other posts to come out this month will be weekly episode reviews. Weekly reviews will be at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Other Stuff for 2 Year Anniversary:

Every time I take a break from blogging I fear it might turn into the end. I do not want it to be. But I do not want other and more important things to be missed out on or fail doing because something else took priority. This is something I really enjoy, and I write about something that I enjoy as well. I want to keep it going for as long as I can, but I want to do it without it ruining other things along the way.

I still certainly feel mixed not doing anything really for the two-year anniversary. Certainly the post announcing this blog came out today, December 1st. But the official post, Date a Live Review, came out on December 8th. So, there will be a small post for it, since it is already written.

I will return for weekly reviews starting 17th. This is when my hiatus officially ends. It is more for weekly reviews and any other post I normally would do at this point.

 I will not start writing the 12 Days of Anime “Best of 2016” for a few more days, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Again, thank you for the last two years, they truly been a lot of fun and I am glad I started this journey. Each and every day this blog grows more and more and it is thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you and I will see you next time.

– Joe