It is hard to describe how lucky I am. This blog has come a long way. A lot has changed and well. I do not have much to say. Saying thank you is simply not enough. But still, I will probably say it time and time again thank you, be it if this is your first time, you only check every once and awhile, or whatever reason. Just thank you.

I do not really like thinking about the past. Yes, I may worry of the future too. But, before I started I did not expect to get the result I had. I was a loner, and in all honesty I had depression on again and off again constantly. I was not suicidal, which I am super grateful for. But I was always alone. I lost touch with my high school friends. Barely talked to people in two years. I had no confidence in anything I did, even my writing I was not always that confident and it showed.

But then I started to blog, shortly after I met people who I am glad I can call friends and hope to call them friends for a long time. Sure some I have lost contact with, but others have stayed and continue to grow strong. I have not had that depression swing in a long time, at first I was expecting it to happen, but now, I just don’t get it. Responding to comments, seeing likes, or views, they may not be all that important, but I see people reading my work and I am glad. I honestly try not to think now if they just click and leave without reading, but still.

I do not know what the last two years would have been like without blogging. This is the first time that thought ever came to mind. It is honestly freighting. I can honestly say I changed for the better. I became more confident in my writing, as a person, sure I may still find it hard to talk to people, but I got a lot better. My writing has changed. The only thing that worries me now is if I am getting out of anime, when in reality my taste in it is just changing so fast it is hard to keep up.

This day two years ago my life changed for the better. Writing this I am honestly holding back tears, the same goes for reading it back. It is hard to express how grateful I am. The words thank you are just not enough. But I will keep saying it time and time again and I don’t care.

So thank you, everyone for the last two great years, and here is to hopefully many many more.

thumbs up

I mean with my cheapness, and the rate I use pictures I got at least 4 more years at most before needing to make a new blog. But joking aside. Thanks for everything.

– Joe