Let me start by saying happy holidays to everyone. No matter what you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate anything at all happy holidays or just have a happy day. Either way with the year coming to a close time to count down some of my favorite anime moments of 2016.

Last year I did whatever came to mind. But I think this year doing best moments will just be for the better. So, Day 1 will focus on my favorite anime I saw this year, that did not air this year.

This year is rather odd. Looking back there are not many non-airing shows that I truly loved. I started some, did not finish or continue the later season in some cases. In other cases, I enjoyed it, but do not remember much of it in any way. So, there are some that come to mind, but at the same time, I am still watching them.

So, I guess the best Non-Airing Show for me, are three I am still watching, and taking a slow approach, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Aria, and Dragon Ball. So, let’s talk briefly about them.



Ghost in the Shell:

I wanted to watch the series seeing that, well there is a movie coming out next year. I certainly am on edge and will wait for it. Even if it is really good or well bombs, personally I am hoping this. Even if it turns into a great movie, I still want it to be enjoyed by people who love the anime. There have been other Hollywood anime and manga adaptations before and some in the works. One in particular that I am about to talk to has a film that should never be named. But this is something I do not want to suck. Perhaps if it does turn out good maybe there is hope for future anime Hollywood adaptations that are good. Bringing a new way to look at American film.

But, that says absolutely nothing about my thoughts on this anime. It is good, Major is one character you do not want to cross and is probably the most bad ass woman ever, since honestly I cannot think of another word to describe her than that. I am still only on the first season after starting in August. I watch an episode here and there, but I feel no rush.

I am watching the dub as well, and I have to say it is really good. The animation from 2003 holds up well compared to anime made today. My only hope is that I finish the series before the film.



Another show I started back in late August and early September. It is perfect and relaxing. I honestly watch it only when I have a stress filled day. It is a nice way to relax and calm down. I started it because of the creator’s other work being adapted, Amanchu. Much like its successor it is a relaxing feels good anime, but even more so.

After over a month I went to season two, and well now I have sort of stopped for a few weeks. I have no real rush because of the fact it is a great show to watch after a hard stressful day. It makes it so much better. Also for whatever reason I find it hard to watch it in any other case. I even find it slightly boring if the mood is not right. This is a rare case for a show, but it works perfectly for it.


Dragon Ball:

I brought it up I was never allowed to watch Dragon Ball Z growing up, it was one anime that everyone really watched and knew of for the longest time. Sure I started and saw all of the Cell Saga and most of the Buu Saga years later, but nothing more than that. Super has been great lately especially now that it is simulcast too. So, after the recent arc and with each passing week making a bit more references to the older series, I decided to give it a try.

I honestly really love it. It is weird seeing a lot of characters younger, the lake of Ki blasts and well Goku being over powered by Yamcha. It is still a lot more comedic then fighting than the later series but still just as fun. I started it back in November and depending on the week I may watch no episodes or almost ten.

It is nice to see a lot of things going on and it does help and make me laugh knowing some events that happen later on. One line when referring to Goku was “Is this boy an alien?”  I honestly started laughing seeing this was over 100 episodes before the Saiyans were even a thing.

It is nice to finally see the origin of such a legendary series. Of these shows, this one was probably the highlight of my year and probably the worthiest of being the Best Non-Airing Show.


Dragon Ball is streamed by Funimation, while Viewster streams Aria and Ghost in the Shell.

That is all I have to really say. But, feel free to say what was your favorite older series you saw this year.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe