Let me start by saying happy holidays to everyone. No matter what you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate anything at all happy holidays or just have a happy day. Either way with the year coming to a close time to count down some of my favorite anime moments of 2016.

This one is honestly tricky. More than anything seasons come and go, so it is natural that opening themes come and go as well. Being a chronic skipper of the ending theme, that are not many that are notable for me. It is rare for me to skip the opening theme.

I would post the music, but I doubt most are on YouTube in decent quality.

When thinking of the year and shows with opening themes some come straight to mind, Konosuba, Mob Psycho 100, Twin Star Exorcists, New Game, and a few more. But I do find it odd Love Live Sunshine’s opening does not come to mind.

It is hard to pick the best since well, I only listen to them for so long. But listening to them for a long time can help prove a point and something the longer the series been around having an advantage on. Personally as much as I would love to give it to Konosuba, I have to give it to Twin Star Exorcists.

twin star 3 11

Konosuba’s might have been enjoyable, but I have not heard it in so long. I will give it the fact it was one of my favorite from the winter season. If I still heard it now, it probably would be on the list.

Twin Star Exorcists not only is still airing but has had a constant good opening themes with its third one now. I did not like the third one as much.

The first one had to be my favorite. The art style is one reason. Before I knew it would turn into a primarily original series then following the manga I was just hyped. Plus, seeing all of the Beino and Rokuro together and apart scenes just work.

An opening theme does not come down to the art, but the music. It has what I enjoy that rock feel, but also the voice, the words. I may not be able to understand them, but words no matter what language are important when singing. The music just works out great for the series.


So, what is your favorite Opening theme this year? Might as well say your favorite Ending theme as well too if you would like.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe