Let me start by saying happy holidays to everyone. No matter what you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate anything at all happy holidays or just have a happy day. Either way with the year coming to a close time to count down some of my favorite anime moments of 2016.

Time for the Best “Person Arc” and first up in the theme for the next two days are the ladies, tomorrow goes to the gentlemen. Either way it is hard to narrow down either or for this year. Although I have a general idea of who it will be, I am going to give a separate fact to Love Live Characters. Either way, let’s get started.


Looking back in the year as a whole. It is hard to say any characters from the fall season, mostly since I been rather chaotic in my watch list lately. Then there is the winter season where I only finished three shows. Yet, I will give Beino from Twin Star Exorcists an honorable mention. There are two others I would like to up on here, but they get their own day later on.

Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto)

As I mentioned I never saw the original Sailor Moon. With Sailor Moon Crystal I honestly stopped watching it for over a year. Then Season three happened and I decided after a few weeks to watch it again. Season Three might have dropped in quality in animation but it certainly picked up in story, action, and so much more. I enjoyed it, despite some issues.

One reason for really enjoying it was Sailor Pluto. In the first two seasons I did not really like all the characters, except for Tuxedo Mask. But with this new season I have to say, although I really like Uranus and Neptune, Pluto stuck out more.


She is more mature, being the oldest in the group, although her powers give her long life, she looks around later teens to early twenties being a University student.  She is sort of mediator between Uranus and Neptune with the other Scouts. Where all of them want to fight, she knows and acts more in terms to protect the others for fighting.

In the first season she seemed rather flat, before being killed off. This season she had a lot more depth to her compared to the Scouts that were there since the start of the series.

Out of all the female characters this year, I feel I can say with certainty that Setsuna is the best.

sailor pluto is bae

Love Live Sunshine Characters

Of course due to Love Live Bias I cannot have them in the running. But, well, there is also the fact I cannot decide. If you follow me on Twitter is was and is probably painfully obvious. At first it was Yoshino, and that was on personaility before the show began. Once the series did began it was still her, but also Hanamaru. Both are cute, funny, and well are just good characters.


So, who do you think is the Best Girl of the Year? Tomorrrow I will talk about Best Boy, so wait to answer that then.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe