Time to get into the OTP Arc for these posts. First up just a straight relationship, tomorrow will be Yuri Ship, and ending off on a Yaoi Ship. Either way let’s get started.

Well, after thinking about it, I do not know if I should go with something canon or something that well, there could be hope for. It is hard to say for either. I mean, looking back most shows I completed this year, or even tried to watch had little to no romance, or was either a yaoi or yuri ship.


However, there is one that comes to mind. It slipped my mind, but it is certainly one that is canon. I only want to stay away from Twin Star Exorcists, since I already used it for Opening themes. But it also seems unfair to take it from this spot for that very reason.

The fall season was full of yuri and yaoi ships. The winter season I only saw three, well completed, three shows. The spring season I hardly remember any show, even then there was no romance or a sign of a ship besides Twin Star Exorcists.

But it seems fitting to have Beino and Rokuro here. I mean I could have Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, but no, there are too many issues I have with their relationship.twin star 7 15

I rather enjoy the manga for Twin Star Exorcists. I brought this up in reviews that although the series at this point is completely an original work it does do something right and even better than the manga. It focuses more on the relationship, where the manga rushed to go straight into fights, the anime gave more time for their relationship to grow. The characters are certainly weaker than their manga counterparts, but in terms of a relationship they are much stronger.

twin star 18 4

I enjoy the anime because of how they focus on the relationship. Certainly there were issues at the start with the relationship factor, but as time went on the hard times made a larger impact.

twin star 3 6

I think the last arc, which was obviously original like everything else in this anime, truly showed how far they grew in terms of the relationship. The two are closer, and although there is a love triangle in the manga, what they have in the anime works well. The anime certainly has a lot of issues and I certainly feel not really certain on recommending it or not, but as a fan of the manga, one thing the series does right is the relationship. It certainly fits well here as one of the best this year and there is certainly more time for it to grow too.

So, who is your OTP of the year? I know I am making separate days for Yaoi and Yuri, but feel free to give those too.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe