A few days ago I mentioned during Best Girl that two other candidates would appear. Well, by the picture it is probably obvious, but the Yuri OTP of the year goes to Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.

I would put Izeta and Fine from Izeta the Last Witch, but they come close, especially since that ending pretty much confirmed that being a canon relationship. Either way it was a close call, but one I decided to not do since the show was not over and well, it is more clear in Sailor Moon that the ship is a ship on-screen.

However, let’s go back to the ladies that today is for. I am going canon on this and now that I think about it, all the OTP ones are canon, and they all work too. I may have given it away for the Yaoi ship, but it was probably already obvious before even saying it.


When it comes to Sailor Uranus and Neptune, well, I like how their relationship is first seen. I mean yes I knew who the characters were before the show came out and knew the fact they are in a relationship. It certainly worked out nice how Sailor Moon for the longest time thought Uranus was in fact a man. I think it adds more to the character of Haruka.

I mean yes I do have issues, since it feels or could be seen as stereotypical, and she is seen as a man until it is made clear she is a woman. But it just works for her character. You see the transformation. She is more of a tomboy and fits that role. So although it could be seen as stereotypical, it does not as well. It just works and works as a nice counter to her partner, Michiru. She is well, the man in the relationship. Sailor Moon came out in the 90s, so it makes sense to looking at this relationship of the possible view of back then. Now it is more open, so it is still seen as more natural since clearly Haruka was never trying to hide anything.


As I said Michiru or Sailor Neptune is a nice counter. Where Haruka is the tomboy she is seen more feminine. Their relationship in the show started off and was intended to be seen as the ideal boy and ideal girl going out. Well, it works, and even works when both are women. It helps further the deception of their identities. But at the same time, over all it works as well. Both may be cold, but Haruka is a bit more open and flirty and cold, Michiru deeply cares but still wants to distance herself away. The two complete each other for the things they lack. It makes their canon ship on-screen all that more affective. If it wasn’t so commonly known that they are both girls going out, well that would make the reveal watching the show all that more amazing.


In all honesty out of all the yuri relationships this one out of the few that are canon, I have to say has been my favorite. It might not just be the best of the year, but the best of everything until now. I am sure I would and could argue about Fate and Nanoha being better, but that is something for another day.

So, who is your Yuri OTP of the year? Feel free to give any type of OTP.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe