So, yeah, this episode, thankfully just the first half, was pretty much episode 13 only replace Beino and her lust for revenge on Kamui, and that fight, with 12 Heavenly Commanders being Beino and Rokuro fighting a Basara for killing the parent figure and love interest. So, yeah, that first half I am just going to skip since most of the lines are oddly similar to what Rokuro said to Beino. The only difference is they actually killed the Basara at the end. So, I am only covering the latter half of the episode to avoid further annoyance.

The Plot:

So, here are some pictures from the first half that was pretty much episode 13 redone.

Anyway, after all that was over Rokuro and Beino are talking. This is mostly them wanting to get stronger. They even talk about one of the first exorcist and the ideals he had to rid the world of Kagare and bring peace and love to everyone. Honestly this was nice to see and add a lot more to the world of Twin Star since this was not in the manga.


Remember that mom exorcists from a few episodes back. Well, I guess I was right on how she would die with all those death flags she rose. It just took a while to kick in. I assume she will die at some point, seeing that a bunch of exorcists hypnotized walked into the other world. I assume this is part of the grand plot.


The following day Rokuro gets beat up pretty badly since he wanted to be trained by Seigen, well his power level is not that high.


At school Shimon transfers in. Despite being older he is only there to protect Rokuro and Beino, which discourages them that they are not strong enough to defend themselves. Shimon walks away and an oddly shaped shadow that gets me thinking of Yuta.

The episode ends with a bunch of exorcists all over Japan disappearing.


Overall Thoughts:

The first half of the episode frustrated me so much, it was honestly not even funny. Last episode I thought it was a good idea to give them backstory. However, that backstory was the exact same as Beino. Only difference was that it was a larger gap in time between the death and it is two people who want revenge. Even the fight was similar, with exception of them actually killing the Basara.

The second half, which was probably only like 5 or so minutes of the episode I enjoyed. It really set up this arc with Rokuro and Beino wanting to get stronger. It is going to happen, how is just the question. Of course there was also the mystery on why all these exorcists just decided to disappear, but that will probably be hinted at in the next episode.

Long story short, half this episode was good the other half not so much. So I feel indifferent and cannot give it a score.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe