So, Miyata, despite being probably the second main character, finally got her time to shine with Nozomi out of the spot light. Time to get right into this episode as a four on four battle to start of the east-west war begins. I also hate to say this, but this could be (at least by my standards) NSFW.

The Plot:

Miyata thinks about the past. How she was trying to tell her dad she was going to quit Keijo. She turns this focus of being discouraged into her “Ass Eater” opponent.


Of course her parents happen to watch this Race of hers. Which it is later known that she did not tell them.

But, well, one of the girls who appeared for the first time last episode, and I still do not know her name, was quickly KO’d in the first thirty seconds by the twins.

Just because they quickly were down a girl, Miyata, Mio, and Kotone combo attack one of the other team members to tie the match.

Then, while Mio decides to get into a three-way with some twins, Miyata does here Wedgie move. This of course increases her speed, but leaves a burden on her legs. It was not enough to beat the “Ass Eater,” whose name I honestly don’t remember because of her codename. Thus this leaves Kotone and her Cer-chan to fight the battle.


The battle ends sort of quickly. “Ass Eater” detects a person’s weakness, and even when Kotone goes into her true form, she still loses.

Oh yeah Mio is also enjoying her time with the twins a lot. Although, Miyata’s dad does question Mio’s enjoyment.


So, Miyata is in a fight of her own. She does her Wedgie move again, only doing it so much it rips her bathing suit. This gives her a surge of power, but although she nearly defeats the Ass Eater, it is not enough.

Oh yeah, Mio is still enjoying her three-way with the twins a lot.


So, after a little “Oh you quit Judo so you don’t love Keijo.” Miyata protests that she has always loved Keijo. While Ass Eater was constantly practicing Keijo, Miyata was practicing other things to give her the advantage. Then it gets a little NSFW, where she rubs her nipples and uses an erect nipple to grab the Ass Eater by the bathing suit and knock her out. Also Mio’s three-way came to an end. I was not going to post the image, since it was going to make this NSFW, but the Mio nearly making two girls, well, enjoy themselves a little too much was where I drew the line.


Anyway Miyata beats them, finds out her parents were their watching, and is really happy. Also Nozomi gets more completion of being the Prize Queen with Miyata now wanting that title.


Overall Thoughts:

I certainly liked this all-out battle episode. All the other ones to date have not really been a full fight. The may start or end in one, but they still worked. This episode was just done right focusing all on Miyata’s fight. It was not just that physical struggle but an internal one as well. It gave more to her character going over her past more.

I think where this series gets hurt the most is the main characters do not have a lot of backstory. They skipped a good amount of manga that gave Nozomi’s backstory and well, they still have not gone over it. Although she is more fleshed out since she gets a lot more screen time, it was nice seeing someone else getting more development this episode. Here is hoping the other main girls do to in upcoming episodes.

Not much to say other than that, it was silly in some parts, serious in others, but it kept the balance and stayed entertaining.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe