Since there is no way I could pick an anime of the year, here are just my favorite of each season. First up is the winter season. I know I mentioned a few posts back that I only managed to complete about three shows from that season. I am honestly still surprised by this. It was also a similar case with Spring Season.

At first I was worried by this, dropping so many shows. The more I blog the more I drop. I thought I could be getting out of anime or maybe I was just too busy. Now I know I am just too busy. But my taste in anime is changing and changing fast. So, I do not feel as bad now.

Either way, of the three shows I completed, I only remember 1 on the top of my head. Thus, it is probably obvious since I cannot wait for Season 2 to review that again, KonoSoba.

konosuba ep 9 4

Time to think what shows I completed. I mean I remember not completing Dimension W. After looking it up, it was Erased, which I watched in just a few days, and Dagashi Kashi. I remember struggling with Darashi Kashi, and Erased I remember being annoyed at the end.

konosuba ep 2 5

Anyway Konosuba. I did it for weekly reviews and despite how the season was I constantly look forward to it. I am honestly thinking of rewatching it before the second season airs. It is rare for me to go through with it, even with anime I own. Bust I still have trouble either way. I also forgot it is only 10 episodes, although that might make it slightly easier.

Konosuba, although I saw the show later on, is like the Japanese Version of the American Sitcom, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The characters are just horrible, horrible people, but they don’t think that and thus the comedy just works.

Konosuba certainly has that nice balance for comedy, especially with the main character and hi internal thoughts, which add more to it.

konosuba ep 4 2

The characters are certainly a highlight of the show, and of the series this year that had a main character that is a NEET, and that dies a few times, and is transferred to a fantasy world, this one is the far superior in terms of comedy and characters. Although the other is not really a comedy, this one is still a lot better in other areas to that this other show has in common with KonoSuba.

konosuba ep 1 2

I did not want to do an anime of the year, since well, there are three I would have a tie for first, maybe four. I may drop more shows, but the ones I keep over the year I enjoy and I enjoy them a lot.


So, what was your favorite anime in the Winter 2016 season or what is your anime of the year?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe