Spring Season is weird, and in all honesty there are two shows I want to put on here. There is just a problem, one I did not finish and the other is ongoing. So I cannot fully judge either. The only runner-up to either of those well, it feels like it does not fit the spot either.  It is really hard to say. Either way Spring had a lot of terrible anime. So, I would like to say that I will give it to Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3. Twin Star Exorcists is still ongoing so I do not feel like I can give it a spot. Hero Acadamia, although very enjoyable, I did not finish it. Both I would like to put here. But, I want something that I could finish.


Anime from the spring either were terrible overall or just had terrible endings. Girl Meets Bear, Big Order, Hundred, and the list goes on. There were very few shows that were good, they may have started off promising, but that was something that they could not keep.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3, despite my issues with it only got better over the episodes. The show might have dropped slightly in animation. However, it did not matter since it was a lot better in storytelling. This could have been following the source better, but either way the story was a lot better than the first two seasons.

One main reason why it was better than the first two seasons.

My issues only go into the fact that the fights would be over quickly, that and everyone that isn’t Sailor Moon or the Holy Trinity Goddesses, I mean Outer Sailors, were fairly useless.

The other main reason why it was better than the first two seasons.

Everything else, including the forty minutes to an hour and a half of watching and making fun of it weekly made up for it greatly that made it all the more enjoyable.

But even when something is the best, it can still have flaws, enjoying something means you can enjoy the flaws all the same.

Nothing but Perfection here.

So, what was your favorite anime in the Spring 2016 season or what is your anime of the year?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe