It is the final day, and once more I would like to say happy holidays to everyone. I hope you enjoyed and let’s get right into it.

It’s Keijo. Simple as that.


Well, alright, so the show is, whatever can describe it. I honestly do not know how to describe it. But as I said before I drop shows and keep shows each season for ones that I really like. Keijo is one of them. I would have liked to do Flip Flappers, which easily started as my favorite, but I got busy and ultimately far behind. Still enjoyable but if not for that reason it would probably be on here.

Although Mio makes it less likely Flip Flappers to be here.


Keijo is a comedy and I honestly do not know what to really say. But it is by far I have had the most fun with watching and writing reviews, although figuring out the title is probably the part I have the most fun with.keijo-ep-4-pic-17

Not much else to say. This show is not for everyone, but it is still fun.


It is kind of short, but this has come to an end. Again Happy Holidays, and well, maybe next year I will do another Best of 2017.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe