This episode really helps show that this series is at times a parody. Mostly that massive scene where it nearly goes line for line of the Unlimited Blade Works scene. Of course the roles are switched and Gilgamesh is the Shiro. Anyway, that aside, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

With Miyata’s team winning the first round it is time for the next with Aoba and Non on the same time. Of course before the match starts the other team believes they easily have this, seeing Non has her outfit on backwards and Aoba has a stomach-ache.

Their troubles are not just before the match but at the start too. Aoba can’t get her outfit off. This makes the opponents think they got this one easily.


It only gets worse as the team slowly gets put into a one on one situation. Some are equal in power while others, namely Non, are at a disadvantage.

With Aoba cornered it is a nice time to be reminded of a few episodes previously, she is a strategist. Getting cornered was all part of the plan as Non and “Ass of Vajra” jump up causing the platforms to rapidly rock knocking two members of the other team out.

Their upper hand in numbers does not last long. The girl who pretty much is an heiress to a company, decides to get serious. Thus, not only turning it into a three on two, but making the two a lot stronger looking.


But Aoba comes up with a quick plan, Usagi and Non take on the fairy girl and Aoba solos the heiress. But the heiress sees through Aoba’s plan and also thinks that it was a mistake and that Aoba cannot beat her.

Aoba uses a few signature moves from the other elite members. After a flashback you discover that she used her Scanning Hand on all members at the Keijo school to get a massive power up.

Then Aoba and the heiress do some Fate/Stay Night stuff with the Gates of Babylon and how fakes are not as good as the originals lines.

Aoba seems to get on equal ground. But when the heiress starts using her twister move, it pushes Aoba back. Luckily with the power of teamwork and friendship Non and Aoba form the ultimate team.


Usagi took the fairy girl out with her. Non was hit, but as she went out she hit the platform sending both teams final members into the water for a draw.

It at least looked like a draw, upon closer inspection Aoba clearly hit the water first, and the heiress was only saved by her unused attack.  Thus both teams are tied as they head for the final round.


Overall Thoughts:

Much like episode nine I was glad the focus was not on any of the other characters. I do wish Non got more focus, but it seemed to work out nicely just focusing on Aoba. Too much would be going on and both attempts to develop both characters would have messed this episode up. It worked out nicely just focusing on the one. The fight geared more towards Aoba, but did give some importance to having Non and Aoba’s relationship. I doubt we will see more of Non development before the end of the series, but it was still nice just to get one of the two.

Either way this was a mainly battle episode, so expect my overall thoughts the finals few to be shorter, well except for the final one. Either way there were plenty of laughs again.

Overall Score: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe