Well, there are not a lot of new things for starters. I mean I do have some new goals.  Mostly I want to get back on track for series reviews and graphic novel and manga reviews. That will probably start-up again in February. Since Top Fives have sort of been inactive for a few months I think it is also time I start thinking of ideas to bring that series back.


But, even with new goals, these won’t start until February. I am still working on Graduate School applications, so those are just one less thing to focus on. I am also thinking of stopping doing final impressions of the season, mostly since I drop a lot and only keep a few, which I probably will review or have been reviewing.

But on the note of the Graduate School application, I did say back last month I may take a two-week hiatus at the end of January. I do not know if that will be the case still. I will say something on the Reviewer’s Corner Twitter.

Anyway, this is sort of short for an update. This month obvious and hopefully it was obvious, but Konosuba Season 2 will be the weekly reviews. I will be doing a preseason impressions post and probably just one first impressions post. Over at Anime Corps I will be reviewing Chaos;Child, which although airs on Wednesdays (like the other two shows) I will get it out on Saturdays or Sundays.

Hopefully the next week or so I will get last season’s weekly reviews out. My main focus will be Keijo. Then I will try to get Twin Star out at least twice a week until I am caught up. Konosuba reviews will be out on Fridays, like how Season One was.

Other than that enjoy the year.

– Joe