I just realized around this time marks the fact I been into anime for 5 years now. I certainly changed a lot, from what I like to watch to my viewing habits.

This season will be different. I will be doing impressions differently. Things change and well people get busy. My viewing habits certainly changed in several ways. I may start a season with like 30 shows, but only finish with like three or four of them. This season from the start seems kind of small for what I wish to check out. Since I still have not fully gone over the list on what is airing, I can only think of a good seven or eight shows I want to check out. But it depends, I have not done final and midseason impressions the last two seasons, mostly since I either forgot, or in last season’s case did not want to because I only finished four shows.

If this season goes well, I probably will do a mid-season impressions post, but I will do a final impressions post. If not then well, after the first impressions then I may not do anything besides that. So, that is mainly what I am doing differently.


First Up Review Announcements:

Reviews will for starters be almost day of again, off by two to three days. Mostly since all the shows I want to review air on Wednesdays and I can only manage one review a day.

Twin Star Exorcists will continue, once I catch up. So, expect, and hopefully I manage, two a week. This is the show’s final cour and I want to review it until the end.


Konosuba Season 2:

I did say I would review it if I am still blogging, well I am, so I will. I will not cover the OVA, since I did state I will no longer cover OVAs unless they are licensed for streaming. So, much like the first season reviews back last winter season, these will hopefully be out on Fridays.

konosuba ep 1 2


This will be over at Anime Corps, expect it out on Saturdays or Sundays. I also have no clue how much of a sequel it is to Chaos;Head, I hope it is not too much since it has been four years since seeing the show. Either way I look forward to it. Hopefully it will be better than Chaos;Head and last season’s Occultic;Nine.


What I plan to watch

Now, unlike old posts I am going to do a single post and talk more (Probably) on a few series instead of just one.

If I know where you can watch it legally for free at the time the post goes up, I will say it.


Little Witch Academia

This will probably be licensed by Netflix so I will watch it when Netflix gets it since they have the first two movies. But that will not be until it is over.

Masamune-kun’s Revenge (Crunchyroll)

I am only giving this one episode, feels like I will not like it.

Seiren (Crunchyroll)

I need a romance anime that will probably be rushed.

Fuuka (Crunchyroll)

I checked the manga out a super long time ago, and felt it would be better as an anime.

Akiba’s Trip The Animation (Funimation and Crunchyroll)

The dub is coming out 30 minutes after it airs, already saw the first episode too. The dub I probably will not see since Funimation only has the first two for free.

Maid Dragon (Crunchyroll)

Read the manga and loved it.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Funimation and Crunchyroll)

Twitter has been crazy about it and it sounds like it could be enjoyable.


One of the very few I planned to watch before the season.

Gabriel Dropout (Crunchyroll)

Looks cute


Another Chinese/Japanese anime. I did not finish the others by this company, but it looks cool.

Schoolgirl Strikers (Crunchyroll)

I have no idea, I just want to see it.

Kemono Friends (Crunchyroll)

Cute animal girls.

Chain Chronicles (Crunchyroll)

Sounds cool, the movie is already on Crunchyroll, so, I just need to start it.


So, that is a total of about 15 shows this season. Adding Dragon Ball Super and Twin Star Exorcists, airing and ongoing shows I am watching are 17. I can see myself dropping most of these shows since only some catch my eye a lot and all the others just sounded interesting. So, maybe there will be a turn around and a lot of good shows will appear.

Either way expect the first impressions post out after all these shows air their first episode.