I know by the time this review goes up this show will have been over for almost a month. But that does not stop me from saying that it is and probably a show that I will miss most from the fall season. It was a lot of fun, but let’s save this talk for the final episode. Certainly a lot happened in the 20 minutes of this episode that are somehow all taking place in five minutes.

The Plot:

Well, despite using everyone’s techniques in the last episode it was not enough for Aoba to pull the win her team needed. Despite this Siren is still proud of her for pushing back the opponents the way they did. Of course now this all leads up to the final fight.


One of the opponents, who is the second strongest of the foes, is Maya and well apparently there is something about her that is interesting. In a flashback it turns out she has been thinking of Nozomi a lot. It might just be possible that her heart could be filled and something new might happen if she were to fight her. Of course as the battle starts and Nozomi rushes in, the only thing on her mind is victory.

Meanwhile while Nozomi is having her fight with Maya. Kawaii and the Speedy Neko are in a two on two battle with the Magicain’s Bust and the girl that reminds me of Sailor Neptune. This battle seems to be at a stalemate since both sides are either landing too many blows or not landing any.


Back to Nozomi, to try to get a hint on Maya’s attack, she sticks her face up Maya’s butt. In the instant Maya bounces the attack back at her, Nozomi figures it out. It is a Chinese Martial Art known as Qigong.

But before Nozomi can attack again, the Buttwall girl, comes at her in Buttack on Titan. But since Maya does not want to be bothered and wants to fight Nozomi one on one she repels her teammates attempt at an attack.


Nozomi tries a different approach only to find out that Maya can also use the Qigong technique in her breasts too.


Back to Kawaii and Speedy Neko the Magician makes a little light show blinding them with some light and her breasts. After blocking the sun with her top, Neko goes for an attack and gets rid of the oil the Magician was using to reflect the light.

Just as it looks like those two got the upper hand, the Magician and the Sailor Neptune knockoff combine into one by sharing a bathing suit bottom. Together the two hit harder and block better too.


But before they can defeat their opponents and making it look like Kawaii could lose, Kogatana, the girl who just appeared this arc saves the day. She apparently is great at countering. She knocks back the Buttack on Titan, and counters the Magician into a knock out. Meanwhile Kawaii and the Speedy Neko double team the other member to knock her out. So it becomes a four on two situation.


Returning to Nozomi it becomes a battle of strength. The constant attacks of Maya’s pushing force and now Nozomi using her ultimate Vacuum Butt Cannon is not enough to beat the other.


Another flashback reveals that Maya was often alone and because of her Qigong power others feared her. But her teacher gave her purpose. Nozomi realized she does not dodge, and after the flashback it is known that Maya does not dodge because if she did she felt she would be weak and not needed.

She cries knowing she cannot go on any longer only to change. Something else happens, a split identity possibly. This one has her hair turn white and all the ready to fight Nozomi full force. Thus the episode ends before the climactic battle.


Overall Thoughts:

I honestly think I nearly died of laughter seeing the combination technique. A part of me was thinking that was going to happen and what do you know, it did. I thought they were just going to rest on the other’s shoulder not share the bottom half of the bathing suit.

Other than that I finally realized for fights that are supposed to take place in five minutes the last two took an entire episode and this one probably will take two since it is leading up into the next one. Sure there is nothing wrong about that, but with all the shows that talk about time limits it would be nice if they were more realistic and closely are the amount of time that they say.

There is always the downside with fights in anime I find is that it is hard to talk about it. They are something clearly easier to be seen then to be talked about. This episode was no different. The show in itself does not try to take itself seriously and that is the best part about it. It helps the comedy and parody aspects. Although there are other times when it does try to make some logic, such as Maya’s attacks, and that too does hold up.  This at least help show that even with nonsense it can make some sense.

Also seeing that Saber’s VA does the voice of Maya, I wish this episode or I hope the next episode has another Fate reference, but I doubt it.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe