Wow, normally I am used to putting a show in the title, but for once I did not. Well, I mean it has been two years since I put a show in the title before completely changing how I do these first impressions. Anyway, since I am only watching, like nine shows, and this is not counting Dragon Ball Super and Twin Star Exorcists.


Ok, so I will not be talking about Konosuba and Chaos;Child. Both first episode reviews are out, which can cover my thoughts that otherwise be repeated here.

Konosuba S2 Episode 1 Review: Here on Reviewer’s Corner

Chaos;Child Ep 1 Review: Here on Anime Corps



So, all shows I wished to check out but have not and for why too are as followed:

Chain Chronicles: First episode nearly put me to sleep.

Kemono Friends: That CGI was bad, did not seem as cute as I thought. Only got through a few minutes, and people said plot wise it was bad.

Spiritpact: Still uncertain if I will check it out, so no reason for me really.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge: Thought I would give it an episode, but did not feel like it after reading a review I needed to edit on Anime Corps.

Seiren: Again am still uncertain so I have not checked it out. I will wait to hear what people say after episode three.

Hand Shakers: The way they have the animation, I could not even watch the first episode after seeing all the pictures everywhere. To top it off it is also apparently bad, so I decided to save my eyes.

There were a few others, Scum’s Wish, which Amazon Prime got and so no free legal version out there, or something Sentai got, but again is on Anime Network, which again has no free option. But even then if it was not licensed or licensed but not available for free they were only shows I was iffy to check out at best.

Little Witch Acadamia: WHY DOESN’T NETFLIX HAVE IT UP YET LIKE IT DOES IN OTHER COUNTRIES?! So I now have to wait until hopefully April when Netflix might put out the first 12 or 13 episodes of the show. At least it is two cour, so I have plenty of time to watch when Netflix does finally push it out in the US. Needless to say I am still angry.

What I am Watching:

All shows are streamed by Crunchyroll. I am not sure which ones are licensed by Funimation. But since Daisuki did not pick up anything this season, pretty much all shows for legal free streaming are on Crunchyroll this season, this goes for all shows really but like 3 shows that are airing.

Overall, despite two of the shows that I will talk about, I really am enjoying what I am watching this season. There is not a lot that caught my eye, but what did I am really enjoying. So, hopefully come the midseason impressions or final impressions I can still talk about all of these.

Gabriel Dropout:

Honestly, this was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I am glad too. It is nice to go into a show expecting one thing only to enjoy it so much more. Out of all the shows, this one I probably enjoyed the most and is certainly up there for best this season, at least from the first episode perspective. I am really hoping it keeps this up.


 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid:

I read the manga a super long time ago, I was surprised it was getting an anime, and even more surprised that it was a full length on too. It is comedic and clearly does not try to take anything seriously. It is nice and a good adaptation. I certainly can see myself keeping it all the way through.


School Girl Strikers:

This show is a potential drop. I saw the first two episodes. I really like the characters and the fighting is pretty good too. It is just everything else I find boring and no matter what feel like I am about to fall asleep despite it being midday when I watch it. I mean I like the interactions between the characters, it is just what they do makes me bored. So, although I doubt that will get any better, but because I like half of the show, I am giving it one more episode, despite the fact it will probably repeat itself.



I said this was one show I was looking forward to. Kind of wish I wasn’t. The first episode was alright at best. It seems to generic. But it just comes off as average. There are other minor issues. Other than that, and unlike all the other shows where I really liked the first episode and in some cases second episode, this one not so much. I am giving it the three-episode test, but even if it does pass, I will not be surprised if I drop it later on.



Interview with Monster Girls:

Going in on this one I did not think much of it. Lot of people on Twitter read the manga and like it, so I was sort of roped into watching it. To top it off that only Dragon Ball Super airs on Saturdays, and nothing really being on the weekends, I watched it and really enjoyed it. I liked the first episode, and the second episode had the same momentum. I will assume the first few will focus mainly on the characters. But it will be nice to see what happens after all the monster girls make their appearance.



I read the manga, stopped reading it since it felt like it would be better as an anime. It certainly does and I will certainly think about starting up the manga again once the anime is over. At this point since, episode 1 and 2 aired the same day, I knew episode three would put it firmly in place. So, this is another contender for being one of my favorite this season. Characters are nice, I may have some slight issues with the protagonist, but there are very few since he is an actual relatable protagonist for once.


Akibra’s Trip:

Not much changed since my pre-season impressions post and I did see the episode when writing that post. Episode two aired and I did like it. It is certainly stupid, but stupid in the comedy sense. It is trying to be ridiculous and it certainly works. I vaguely remembering seeing gameplay of one of the games, and this certainly feels like it goes well with the games. This is also apparently not based on the games, so it is nice the only over reaction could be what happens, but somehow I doubt that.


That is everything that is airing this seasons, that I am watching. Like I said I am rather enjoying the shows, so hopefully they all either stay the way they are or get better.

So, what are you watching this season?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe