Well, fifteen episodes down and after some time of not watching it, all I really have to say about this arc, from where it may go, is it feels like it is repeating the last arc. More on that later. Either way, time to get right into the episode.

The Plot:

So, the spider guy from episode 26 returns, and needless to say he is still angry over the death of his twin. Also, he now has a puppet version of his twin. But leave it to the head honcho to show up and give the spiderguy an upgrade. Now he can go to the human world with no problems.

Now back with the Twin Stars, Beino is attempting to cook food, thankfully with Mayura’s help. Either way, after a little silly moment with Kinako, it makes the food worse.

But it turns out Rokuro is at the dorm, getting his fill there to avoid eating Beino’s meal. She either makes it really bad, or she makes it right but for a week straight. Beino shows up hearing this conversation and drags Rokuro back.

The following day at school, well it turns out someone may have done a curse on campus, so leave it to Shimon, who is now a classmate, to take priority in exorcist duties to find what is going on.


Then an odd presence goes off, odd since it might be a Basara. Then Beino and Rokuro are separated from Mayura and Shimon. Wasting no time, they realize the basara has miasma around him to be in the normal world.

Well, the fight in the school goes at an even match, even with the boost in the spell power of the basara. But, before Rokuro and Beino can use resonance, webs go around them preventing the contact needed.


Thus Shimon shows up at the nick of time to save them. But it does not stop there, he activates his sword’s special ability, flight. So, he beats the basara, or seemingly does before falling into a trap. The episode ends with the Basara having control over all the students and Shimon prepared to use them to fight Rokuro, Beino, and Mayura.

Overall Thoughts:

I do like how they had Shimon’s power be revealed this episode. But this part of canon material, from just the reveal, kind of shows that they are not using any more canon chapters. In fact, after the time skip in the manga it goes into an arc to introduce Shimon. Of course it also has ties to his imouto/cousin, but she has not appeared, but seemingly hinted at throughout Shimon’s appearances.

Anyway, this episode, at least the fight made it seem like it would be a Beino and Rokuro one, where this is their fight and this is up to them. They might not have killed one of the Basara, but they are still blamed for it. So, I am glad this is in two episodes to give them the chance to shine.

It was also hinted at that Rokuro was creating a new move. But needed particle. I get a feeling, and I honestly would be surprised if they did not, use this move next episode. It seems like the perfect opportunity.

Also, how this episode started and last one ended, well, it was made clear what happened to all the exorcists that disappeared at the end through word of mouth. Clearly they are being used to make tailsmens, which I do think is a nice twist.

Overall I think the only downside to this is now this arc feels a bit repetitive from the last one. The enemies came to our world. This time, they might not be making the worlds come together, but the fact that they are now entering the world is the problem. Hopefully it will change, otherwise the only real difference is the lack of Sae-chan and a road trip to beat the Basara that are coming to the other world.

Either way this episode was fairly decent. I did like how Shimon did get some time to shine and how his skill of flight did appear.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe