So, last episode was a pretty amazing recap episode that was not really a recap episode, but sort of was. This episode revisited something similar in season one. Well, although it feels like they might reusing some material from season one, does it make the show bad? Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Darkness made the noble sacrifice last episode. She went off to that scummy lord, and well, the gang not only thinks how Darkness may enjoy the possible perversions, but are bothered by thinking about what those perversions may be.

Anyway, with Darkness out of the picture, the gang now consisting of Aqua, Megumin, and Kazuma need to go deal with some toads. They sort of woke up from hibernation due to the explosions Megumin caused in the previous episode to try to break Kazuma out of jail. And, well Aqua becomes toad food again, like last season.


The Prosecutor lady, whose name I still don’t remember nor shows up when I look up, she is with them. Well, more toads show up and well, get a hold of everyone. But leave it to a new girl to save them.

Yunyun, is the mysterious girl, she was in the OVA, which now that I think about it had to of happen after this episode due to the fact it was spring or summer and they meet her for the first time this episode. She is the daughter of the Crimson Demon’s leader, and more well known for being Megumin’s self-proclaimed rival.

Anyway, Yunyun challenges Megumin to a duel. But, Megumin wins since she is covered in slime so Yunyun runs off.


So, Kazuma and Megumin go back to the house, while Aqua goes to deliver the toad meat to the guild. Megumin also got a cat that is known as Chomusuke.


But, well, Megumin and Kazuma still covered in the slime both need to get into the bath. Kazuma spouts things about gender equality and how people should not say Lady’s first or you are not man enough, due to conveyance. So, there is the fight to use the bath first. Ultimately they both go in at the same time.


As they both find themselves relaxing Aqua comes home. Well Kazuma does not want to be seen as a perv, so he freezes the door, but like Megumin’s explosion magic, he used up too much of his and collapses. Megumin also gets very angry at him for some things he said.


Anyway, they are off to see the wonderful Wiz, and Yunyun is waiting at her shop. It then turns into another battle between Yunyun and Megumin. They use a magic crystal that, when magic is put into it, it is meant to make people friends.

Of course they both try and it produces a lot of random memories. Megumin stealing food. Also she has a little sister. While, Yunyun is always alone, even going so far to think of summoning a demon to have a friend. Both are embarrassed, and Wiz reveals that it is meant to make people friends by showing all the embarrassing memories.

Megumin is ultimately declared the winner since Yunyun has to pay for the bill since it was her idea to use the orb. Megumin happens to carry a book with all the times she won, and the episode ends.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was funny. I think this episode did well at bringing the toads thing back, but it was not funny as the first time. But at the same time, it was pretty funny seeing the prosecutor there and Kazuma trying out his archery skills. Still all the other parts to it got a few chuckles, so it was not all bad.

I do hope something different happens. The first episode to this season was rather strong despite covering events from season one. This episode was not as strong, but still liked playing with a few things. It was nice getting a bit of a background on Megumin at the end, and really gives the question on who her sister is.

I looked up the plots for the books and well it is volume 5 when they go see the other Crimson Demons, and since season one only covered the first two volumes, this season might do the same, depending. But who knows, maybe it will be 12 episodes and cover to volume 5. Either way I do hope we find out more about Megumin this season.

The episode was still rather enjoyable. Hopefully next episode we will know more on what happened to Darkness, since this episode only showed a very short three second scene with her.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe