Well, this episode was certainly different from the normal ones, well compared to the last four anyway. It was a mix of self-contained events and still gave an ending that will go into the next episode. But let’s get right into the episode.

The Plot:

Rokuro and company are training. Mayura is a little bothered by the fact that Shimon had to go right away and also is not there to train with them. Mayura is also getting a tad jealous of the fact that Rokuro and Beino are a little closer now.


At school Rokuro finds a love letter from a mysterious girl. While Beino and Mayura spy on Rokuro. It turns out Rokuro asked the girl out some time ago. He rejects her, and well she asks if Rokuro likes someone else. He hesitates and Mayura and Beino’s cover is blown.


While this is happening the Guardians discover a plot. A giant barrier is going around the town. They have an idea how to put a stop to it, and go to set their plan in motion.

Meanwhile, Rokuro and others are going out. Beino is curious what Rokuro was going to say. But they eventually go spy on Ryogo and Haruka. It turns out that Ryogo proposes to Haruka, and she says yes. Both vow to protect the other’s smile.

So, the Guardians are attacked by some Kagura that keep respawning. It turns out that this is all part of the plan. The exorcists that were captured were using their spell power to pretty much put up the barrier, the kagera, and well, all of evil plan in motion. Ultimately the town gets lifted into the sky, and the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode was enjoyable. I like how they did not drag Beino and Rokuro into everything, so they had time to focus on what seemed to be lacking since Sae-chan left, their relationship. Honestly I was starting to forget their relationship is an important part in this series with how recent episodes been. It had that nice balance.

I do like how the Ryogo side plot has been playing out. Haruka may be an anime original character, but her impact certainly gave time for the side character to shine and give a good role for Beino and Rokuro.

Also on the note of anime original characters. It turns out, after looking at the wiki, Kinoko has become a manga character. Of course appearing super later on, but still he is now in the manga still serving Beino. I do not know his way of acting with Rokuro, but I will assume it is a similar dynamic.

Anyway, as for the fighting aspect of this episode, I am glad it took a back seat for the most part. It certainly set up the next episode. But there was not too much of it to get in the way of the romance plotline for this episode.

Still an enjoyable episode this week getting back to something rather important for the plot of the series.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe