So, after the last few months of getting used to work, working on graduate school applications, and being super addicted to video games I got for Christmas, it is time to return to somewhat normal.

Weekly Reviews

For starters, by the end of this month Twin Star Exorcist Reviews, which fell very far behind due to recent events I will make sure are caught up. My plan is to be caught up by episode 44.

All other weekly reviews will stay on their schedule. Konosuba will be out on Thursdays, Chaos;Child over on Anime Corps will be Fridays, while Twin Star Exorcists will be out on Saturdays once I am caught up.


Top Five

I would like to return to these posts. Not sure on many ideas. They sort of be sporadic since September or so. Not sure if I will get one out this month or not. Either way, I am always accepting ideas.

Reviews (Series, Manga, Comics)

So, I have not really had time to write any. Last two I had plan for both November and December I did not write, this being series reviews for Aria Season one and Love Live Sunshine. Although there are no guaranties for this month getting a series review out, I will try to get one of those out by the end of this month.

As for Comic and Manga reviews, they will resume in March. I will put a poll out on the Reviewer’s Corner Twitter, and maybe my personal one to all for voting on what those may be. Although the comic one may be Marvel’s Event Comic Civil War 2, like I had planned for November, but the series continued into January. I may also do two manga reviews and do Twin Star Exorcists Volume 1 since the anime ends in March.

I was also thinking of doing a Ghost in the Shell reviews, movies, show, and maybe the new movie in March, I do not know. I need to watch them all first.

Reviewer’s Corner Twitter: @reviewercorner1


Live Streams

So, I did do video game live streams back in October. I did about two in December as well. Before I had to rely on my brother’s headset. For Christmas I got one of my own. Now, since work originally got in the way, and I personally would like to do live streams again. I think I might try to do one once or twice a week. It will probably only be for an hour around 4 pm EST. That way I know I will be out of work for the day, had my nap, and can just relax for an hour playing games. I will tweet out from my personal twitter though.

Twitch Live Stream Link:

Personal Twitter: @josefcd904


Birthday Post

Every year I tend to do a post about, whatever, on my birthday. Since this is my fifth year since getting into anime, as of January, I was thinking of maybe doing a post talking about how I got into anime. In the last month I also got both of my brothers to watch Dragon Ball. My youngest sibling, who still does not know I am into anime, is watching the original, while the one who does know I am into anime, is watching Dragon Ball Super as it airs (honestly I am surprised he is watching Sub). So, I may talk about both. Or not, I do not know, maybe I will use it for a post another day.

That will be out Febuary 22.



Other Stuff

My main goal is to catch up on weekly reviews due to being busy the last few months, last season reviews did suffer a bit. Luckily the new season is going well so far. I know probably in the next few weeks I will do a mid-season impression post. I am liking pretty much all the shows I am watching this season, so it should be nice to talk about them. I will probably mix up the post and talk about other aspects of the shows since I am not watching many this season.


So, any ideas for future posts or feedback in general feel free to comment since feedback is always appreciated.

– Joe