Well, last week I said it felt a little, well, not as funny as previous episodes. This episode, well, Darkness comes back and the plot certainly moves forward. So, time to get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Kazuma and Aqua are having a bit of a fight. Since Aqua decided to burn Kazuma’s jacket, she is now fixing it, due to Kazuma threatening to sell her booze. Of course Kazuma is thinking of selling it due to the insane amount of debt he has. Before the fight could escalate any more, Darkness Returns.

Kazuma then starts hatching a plan. Darkness came back only to tell them that she has to meet with the Lord’s son, in a possible arrange marriage. So, Kazuma sees this as an opportunity to get rid of their Crusader who cannot hit anything. Darkness only agrees to allow Kazuma and Aqua to help put an end to it. Kazuma however tells Darkness she needs to accept it so it won’t bring dishonor to her family. Of course to pull this plan off, Kazuma sends Megumin to help the Prosecutor, who I finally learned her name is Sena, out.


So, Kazuma and Aqua decide to act as Darkness’ butler and maid for the day to help with the meeting. Of course Darkness still wants nothing to do with this guy and pretty much does not like him since he is not her ideal man that will treat her terrible. She is a masochist through and through.

Ultimately she challenges the Lord’s son to a duel, which he gives up on. Darkness does not hit him, and well, he just does not want to hit a woman. But she wants Kazuma to show him how it is done. It turns into a bit of a fight with the two locking hands. But Kazuma says whoever loses has to do one thing the winner says. It obviously goes into Darkness losing on purpose.

But, the Lord’s son does not want to marry Darkness, in fact he did not want to get married and wanted to turn her down to begin with. He tells Kazuma that he is glad that Darkness has someone like him. Darkness also lies to say she is pregnant with Kazuma’s kid for another reason. Her dad also believes her and bursts into tears.

The episode ends with Sena returning with some huge issue.


Overall Thoughts:

Well, after missing for two episodes Darkness returns. It was nice seeing her come back, seeing that for two episodes we only saw a few seconds of her. The comedy that I felt was lost last week certainly kicked up. Sure Darkness being a pervert is nothing new, but it seemed like it was a new level of her pervertedness that brought the comedy out. Certainly Kazuma’s plan, which at one point was clearly not going to work the second they started to fight.

I do hope this is not a real trend with this series, not that I will mind it since it works, but the “final boss” for the volume seems to not really appear prior to it. So, it looks like episode 5 will be the end of the third light novel. So, if the show is ten episodes again, well we are probably only going to get to see volume 4. There is nothing wrong with that. But here is hoping for a third season to see what else is in store.

Overall, this episode had me constantly laughing. It was, at least for me, the funniest this season, so far, since it is only episode 4. But comedy is different for everyone. I am sure people found last week’s episode a lot more laughable then I did, and I can probably say the reverse is true for this one. Either way solid episode, and nice way to wrap up one issue that started at the end of the first episode this season.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

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Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe