Alright, the fighting is certainly changing its focus. Time for Mayura to get an episode to shine. Also surprisingly something canon appeared. This tends to happen with Mayura, and looking back, it is nice to see it paying off for something that could have been foreshadowed in previous episodes. Either way let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Kuranashi is rather pleased how everything is running. The young exorcists well are still hoping Mayura pulls through. Also Miasma starts going through the town to infect people.


Meanwhile the stars of this episode, are rather dealing with some Father Daughter issues.


Anyway, Kuranashi shows up and worse of all, he has Mayura’s mom aka Seigen’s ex-wife hostage. Of course both are rather unpleased that their enemy went to such lengths.

Can’t remember if this is her first appearance or not.

Kuranashi even brings up the past. How Seigen’s a line of exorcists that are assassins to other exorcists. It turns out Seigen killed his wife’s older brother. Since apparently he was slowly turning into a Kegare, but that is revealed later in the episode.

So, Seigen decides to fight, and fight at his fullest, using the last of his spell power he goes to use Byakko in his powered up form, but as he says it does not even last five seconds. One good attack on Kuranashi was all he could do. It was not enough since Kuranashi was able to rapidly heal himself.


Mayura wants to fight, although she is nervous. She wants to fight and fight to protect her parents.


Seigen remembers back in the past. This is when it is revealed about why he did it. But it was what oddly made Mayura’s mother interested in Seigen. She wanted to know why he was in pain, and wished to help.

Seeing his daughter fight, he sort of begs to Byakko. That begging paid off. Mayura wields Byakko. It works too, she is a lot stronger, since she wants to fight to protect people, which is where Byakko’s true power comes from.

Mayura then saves her mom and defeats the bulb.


While two of the commanders take down one of the Bassara, which at this point seemed nothing more than to fill minor time the past two episodes. Rokuro and Beino learn of Mayura’s success and get ready for their attack, which will happen in the next episode.


Overall Thoughts:

This episode was fairly good. I did see the problem coming more from the fact that when it showed that other fight, it seemed like it was just to spend some time up. It really felt out-of-place the last two episodes. I mean, maybe if it was continuous and not in the way, but other than that not so much.

This episode was about Mayura. I am glad that they gave Mayura her Byakko power up. In the manga it sort of was just told after the time skip. It did not show or why. I mean if all these events were canon (which they are not since it conflicts with canon material) then this would fit well. I do like the fact she got it while fighting alongside her father and it felt like a rather nice push on her importance.

This was sort of hinted at in episode 27, and when Mayura wanted to become an exorcist. It has been an empty seat for the twelve guardians for some time. It was nice to see it not be appointed to her, but earned. In the manga she got a massive boost in power, and well, it is nice to see in the anime seeing her earn that boost.

I do have minor issues with this episode, mostly the art and animation, which always comes up time and time again at random. This is no different.

Plot wise, although there were issues, mostly the Seigen backstory, which seems odd and hastily thrown together, as for what happened with Mayura was rather good.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Personal Score: C

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe