Well, it looks like another light novel volume has wrapped up in five episodes. It will probably be the same for another. Either way, as the title suggests, it is time for the group to fight another Demon Lord General. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Last episode ended with Sena showing up with a huge problem. This one kicks off right there. Well, strange monsters have started to appear. Well, it turns out that dungeon that Kazuma and Aqua went to a few episodes ago, well, the magic circle is pushing all monsters away from the dungeon and to go everywhere else.


So, with Kazuma furious, they gang goes to fix the problem. There these small little masked dolls, creatures, or whatever are wandering out of the dungeon. Turns out they are explosive. Sene also gives Kazuma a rather powerful seal to put an end to the magic circle.

Aqua is honestly too traumatized from Kazuma ditching her last time. So, it is just a Kazuma and Darkness adventure. Megumin stays behind, just like last time since her explosion magic and underground do not mix well.

Darkness has a rather fun time in the dungeon, for the first time ever she is doing her job properly. She actually hits things. That and the little creatures only want to get close to be hit so they can explode.


So, the two find the source. As the title suggests, it is a Demon Lord General. He talks about his dream and how he wishes to be in charge of a dungeon only to get the last laugh. He also came to the area to investigate what happened, remember how there are two other generals, one cute Wiz and the other one being dead. Those would be his reasons.

Anyway, he can read minds. A bunch of things happen between the three of them. Kazuma and Darkness may have feelings for each other is what I got out of it. Also they defeat the demon lord, sort of. His main body is the mask and well he takes over Darkness.

While Darkness still controls her body, Kazuma erases the seal placed by Aqua. Anyway, more things happen, and Darkness is in a state of bliss knowing the demon general can take advantage of her mind.

The two run out, and Aqua goes on the attack. The conflict continues. Ultimately Kazuma burns away the seal he put on earlier, Megumin used Explosion, and everyone was saved.

Sometime later, well the debt and suspicions on Kazuma are cleared due to defeating the General. He is now free.


Overall Thoughts:

After Darkness being gone for a few episodes, it was nice to see her getting another chance to shine this week. I will say it kind of stinks with Megumin sort of falling off the radar since her rival episode. But at least they are not trying to shove the characters in when they are not needed.

I do like the fact how something that seemed minor a few episodes back came back to haunt them. Although there were the issues with why was the Demon Lord General like that. At the same time this crazy one seemed to fit well with the other two examples. Someday when the Demon Lord does show up, it will be surprising if he or she is in any way menacing.

I really enjoyed the line from Darkness how it felt like she was doing her job correctly for the first time. It was certainly a nice touch. I mean it was true, that just added to the comedy just a bit more.

This episode was certainly well done and enjoyable and a nice way to wrap up the first half of this season.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe