With Yuto’s return I can’t help but to see a lot of yaoi undertones between him and Rokuro. I swear it is not just me, I mean, well just look at some of the images in this post and it is clear it is not just me. Either way with Twin Star Exorcists on episode 42 of 50 it is the final stretch.

The Plot:

So, Yuto returned last episode, and well. He is really glad to see Rokuro again. At first he seems somewhat glad to see his sister too, but no, he still sees Beino as trash.

Anyway, back in the normal world, everyone is wondering if the town will ever be the same again. That was it for them this episode.


So, back to the main focus of the episode. Yuto explains that Kuranashi wished to use him, clearly that did not happen. But as a fight starts between Yuto and the young exorcists, they fall down.


It gets a little in a sort of “questioning why they did this” territory. But it was beneath the fifth layer of existence. This is the place between the real world and the other world. Only people with strong spell power can come there, and even then it does not guarantee they would be able to stand, since Beino and Rokuro start to struggle.

To top it off, this is also where Abe no Seimei rests, he is the creator of the exorcist’s foundation from over 1000 years ago. Also Yuto now stole all his memories and spell power, so he has the power of all, well, 11 of 12 guardians, and Kuranashi. He now holds knowledge of pretty much every type of spell and how to create them.


But, because he knows everything, he also knows Rokuro’s origin. Which was brought up during the Sae-chan arc. This is canon in the fact that Rokuro was found in the other world and no one knows his parents.


Since Rokuro knows this is just a way for Yuto to get him angry, he calms down and does not care. After all Beino was there to help. Rokuro only cares that he is who he is. Then Yuto angry at Beino puts her into a barrier to die.


Then Yaoi undertones happen.


Then Yuto reminds Rokuro this is like the Hinatsuki tragedy. Only this time Rokuro is powerless to save the one person that is irreplaceable to him.




Beino then takes several more attacks and “dies.” Rokuro goes into a similar rage, which has not been seen since around episode 10 or 11. But, although he lands a powerful blow on Yuto, Rokuro gets beaten.



Hope is not lost since Arima returns. How did he do it, who knows, but it was obvious Kuranashi could not kill him. Arima is sort of furious, although with his normal manner it is hard to tell. He simply saves Beino and Rokuro before leaving.


The episode ends with Yuto proclaiming they will cross path’s again.


Overall Thoughts:

The last few episodes have been rather good. This one is no different. This one gladly kept the main focus on Rokuro and Beino with only around a minute focus on someone else, and that was only after the opening theme. This certainly played well to what they wanted to focus on this episode.

Certainly more questions are brought up, mostly Yuto and how he did all of this. But I did like how he makes it clear of Beino and Rokuro’s relationship, actually seeing them as husband and wife, although other’s called those two that jokingly, Yuto took it serious. I felt this was a rather nice touch. That and Yuto targeting Beino since she is irreplaceable to Rokuro. It shows how close they got and just what could happen if the other was to see the other’s demise.

I did like them brining back Rokuro’s past, and that one noncanon thing from a super long time ago. It is clear that this final arc of the show has an idea what to focus on. These last eight episodes certainly have some momentum going for it. With plenty of questions that need answering, mainly how will they defeat Yuto.

Twin Star Exorcists as a whole to date has had its ups and downs, when it knows what it is focusing on, regardless if it is canon or not, it can be a fairly great show. But with it being down to the few episodes, let’s hope it ends on a strong note and be better than where it started.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe